Apr 082010
  • Guess I better get around to doing our taxes soon.
  • I couldn’t tell you when the last eye exam I had was, except to say it had to be at least six years ago.  I had one this morning, and am delighted to report that nothing is wrong.
  • Zombieland was pretty funny, but don’t watch it with your chirruns or your edgy mother-in-law.
  • I’m not doing well with a room full of smokers yet.  My quit is almost four months old, and I’m 100% compliant, but I’m bothered for a day or so after I’ve marinated in it.  My latest was seeing my friend Michael’s band Blood River.
  • I can think of very few products that have never let me down.  WD-40 is one.
  • We’ve no plans to move from northern Alabama, but that hasn’t stopped me from romanticizing the central Northwest—places like Boise and Billings.  There’s more winter there than I generally care for, but I think the open spaces and lower populations just might be adequate compensation.  (I’ve never been, so I could be nuts, but net research looks favorable.)
  • I don’t much care about the pollen except when it’s all over the gauges in the car.  That drives me crazy.
  • We’re having the BamaDans over Saturday and looking forward to it.

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  5 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #82”

  1. >Taxes – done. Almost breaking even on paying Fed and refund on state.
    >Eye exam – 6 years??? Good heavens. You know, as you age you really should get things in general checked a little more often, including the peepers 🙂
    >Zombieland – not on my “To See” list. Hmmm. Is Woody H in that one?
    >I guess I missed that you are a recent non-smoker along the way somewhere. I’ve been quit about 10 yrs. now but still occasionally crave.
    >WD-40 – bingo!
    >Oh yeah, moving out to Big Sky country or some such place? One of my wishes as well. The Horse Whisperer was the movie that pushed me over the edge on that desire.
    >Pollen – TN Valley – the Pollen Bowl of the US
    >I love BamaDan’s comments on your blog – need to meet him some day.

    Have a super weekend!!! It will be way too short.

  2. Taxes – Mailed my check to the feds yesterday. Waiting for my $$ from the state.

    Eye exam – Note to self: must do soon. I’ve hit the point where I take my glasses off to do up-close work. Strange to be doing things I thought only people my parents age did.

    Products – Goo Gone is another product that’s never let me down.

    Big Sky Country – Gorgeous. And you’d get to drive a snowmobile in the winter! My aunt lives in Rigsby, Idaho … between Boise and the Grand Teton National Park. I love the Rocky Mountains. Pack the kids up and take a long drive one summer. Everyone should see the mountains’ majesty.

  3. Products – Heinz Ketchup

  4. So, you’re posting rants at the government and dreaming of moving to a desolate area of the country? Easy, hoss, you’ll get “tinfoil hat survivalist nut” and an ATF squad slapped on you before you know it.

    Products – Ditto Goo Gone. I’ll go with Pegasus Mail even though I haven’t used it since the mid-90s.

    Taxes have come a long ways from my dad struggling with boxes of documents and #2 pencils. I was done, pay scheduled (from/to), and in the can in an evening. Maybe add TurboTax to the above products.

  5. Terri, we could make a lunch happen!

    wxchick, that’s called presbyopia, and I’m starting too, though it’s rare that I have to do it. It’s the official start of the countdown to bifocals.

    Susan, I’m surprised you’re not a Hunt’s gal.

    BamaDan, I never thought of that. But, I figure they’re already watching anyway. I believe in the Constitution, and that’s becoming a radical position all by itself.

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