Apr 182010

I was just speaking semi-favorably of President Clinton this past week.  He was a tacky, immature redneck whose respect for the office only rarely even approached adequate, but he was a far cry from the dangerous radical who occupies the presidency now.  Would I swap Obama for him today?  Oh, hell yes.

So it figures he would make an ass of himself this weekend, babbling about “dangerous rhetoric” and what-not.

Dig:  the tea parties are some of the most well-behaved, civilized, polite “mobs” that western civilization has ever seen.  If you want unhinged jackasses babbling hateful diatribes, look no further than the routine opposition to the Bush administration.  Oh, and remember all of the preachy finger-wagging everyone did about it?  Yeah, me either.  (A smart fellow once blogged about this obscene double standard.)

Ladies and gentlemen, if you think ever-increasing government control of our daily lives is a good thing, and if you think the rich need to start “paying their fair share,” then you’re going to have problems with what the average tea partier has to say.  Well and good.  That makes you merely misguided.

If you really do think, however, that the current opposition rhetoric represents a new low, that makes you comically delusional.

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