Mar 042010
  • I think the whole child-directing-air-traffic thing is quite overblown and no big deal.  It’s so unlike us as a nation to spend a lot of time and energy on things that don’t really matter!
  • I don’t hate winter quite like I used to.  Fun family stuff like Upward helps.  Being busy at work helps too.  All of that said, it’d suit me fine if after the nice weekend we currently have forecast, there aren’t any more 20s until the late fall.
  • Despite that President Obama was too chickenshit to use the word in his address yesterday, an attempt to ram through “health care reform” using the budget reconciliation process is coming.  I may write a longer post on it, and I may not.  Nothing is surprising from this administration anymore.  Our esteemed “post-partisan” president may well be the most arrogantly and bitterly partisan president in history.
  • Somehow I am signed up for a “pantyhose newsletter,” which seems to be geared toward fetishists for such, which I am not (you know, particularly, but who doesn’t like the line up the back?).  I have no idea how this happened, and would tell you if I did.  It looks shady enough that I’m scared to follow the unsubscribe instructions, for fear of confirming that my email address is good and multiplying the porn spam tenfold.
  • Know what’s made for everyone but me?  Ear buds.  One pair in ten that I’ve ever tried actually fits in my ears.
  • A group of us at church finished The Man I Want To Be, a video/discussion seminar with Neal Jeffrey, last night.  I enjoyed the discussion very much—our associate pastor did a great job leading the six-session effort—and the workbook was good.  The video was just okay.
  • It’s National Grammar Day.  Who knowed?

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  4 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #77”

  1. It must be slim pickings for guys with a pantyhose fetish. I don’t know anyone who wears them anymore. Tights, maybe, when it cold. Pantyhose are really for women who are masochists, so maybe that’s the real draw.

    Not everyone, Bo. Ear buds don’t fit my delicate ears either. 🙂

  2. Or me. I can’t stand ear buds, but it’s hard to find a decent, affordable over-the-ear system anymore. I yawn once and the damn things pop out.

    I wouldn’t be so blasé about the ATC thing if my backside was filling a seat on one of the planes being directed. I think it was irresponsible and that the controller needs to be disciplined. Yes, there’s more important news out there but stupidity should be painful.

  3. Me too on the ear buds Bo, it is our little ears I think. I did finally get some Bose ear buds and they stay in quite nicely with the size “small” rubber thingys. Ipod ear buds are a joke!

  4. Have you tried the Skull Candy type of earbuds? They have a “small” option.

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