Feb 212010

We had a marvelous spring weekend in the middle of February (upper 60s, sunshine, and gentle breeze)!  I changed the oil in Lea’s van and washed the Technical Writing Express, and we took in the Mill Creek Greenway this afternoon.  It’s somewhere between 0.3 and 0.4 miles from beginning to end, but it looks as if it will eventually continue under Browns Ferry Rd.

I didn’t think it actually watching the boys, but when I was going through the photos to pick one for the blog, I was walloped by how much time has passed.  Our babies aren’t babies anymore.

I’m so proud of them.  I deeply enjoy watching them begin to think and talk about bigger things, as bittersweet as it is.  I’m looking forward to a lot of walks and hikes this spring, summer, and fall with them, and was delighted to be able to steal one from the winter with them and their beautiful mother today.

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Feb 212010

Our pastor showed this video before his sermon this morning.  I had not heard of the Skit Guys before, but I’ll definitely be checking them out further.  I thought this was thought-provoking and quite well done.

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Feb 202010

Today, dear readers, I invite you to enjoy one of my favorite short stories:  Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. If you have read it already, please reread it.  (It’ll be good again.  I promise.)

It will take you 10 or 15 minutes at the most, but it will stay with you for the rest of your life.  It’s here.  Enjoy.

I hope you’re having a good weekend.

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Feb 182010

So have you encountered the uproar over chef Beppe Begazzi’s recent comments on the Italian version of Ready Steady CookHe recommended cat as a “succulent dish,” offering casserole preparation tips and what-not.  A bunch of humorless malcontents with miserable lives flooded the station with complaints, the station told Begazzi to apologize, he refused, and now he’s suspended indefinitely.

I hope he never apologizes.

I’m never going to be a “cat person.”  Still, I love my cat more than I ever thought I would love a cat.  I was horribly bothered when he went walkabout.  I still think of that a couple of times a week and consider how glad I am that he’s home.

But, dig:  he’s a little mammal, and mammals are edible.  That he’s of a species helpful to civilization and useful for companionship doesn’t preclude that species’ use for food (see also horse and dog).

Taboos against such are purely cultural, and therefore awfully hazy under any objective scrutiny.  There’s nothing any more inherently wrong with slaughtering, dressing, cooking, and eating a cat than there is with doing so with a cow or a pig.

And, um, oh yeah:  it was a joke.

This excessive reaction is from all of the same folks who went into sustained shrieking hysterics over Bonsai Kitten—in fact, the folks who made that site funny in the first place.  They’re the same kinds of people I hoped to rile with a stand-up bit I once wrote about delegging cats:

  • Do you take the rears and put a wheel on his tummy, or do you take the fronts and put a wheel on his chin?
  • Or do you take all of them?  “Stay.”  Heh.
  • It’s kind of a ripoff if you have him declawed and then delegged, isn’t it?

Sick?  Yeah, a bit.  Funny?  Yeah, to an awful lot of us.  Relax and try to keep a sense of proportion, cat people.  Or how about putting all of that energy into stopping human trafficking?

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Feb 182010
  • Apart from the transport controls, when I click something in Windows Media Player it almost never does what I expect it to.  I’ve been using computers for more than 30 years, and GUIs for more than 25, and I can’t recall having a poorer sustained relationship with a program.
  • I generally like foods for which lime or vanilla are the primary flavors.  However, if it’s a lime or vanilla variety of a food for which something else is the primary flavor, then I find it cloying.  “A hint of” lime or vanilla roils my tummy reliably enough that I just stay away now.
  • I haven’t been nearly as good as I’d like in February on diet and activity.  Rather than getting discouraged and quitting, I’m hunkering down.  That’s what you do with slow-burn, forever situations.
  • Giving up alcohol for Lent certainly won’t hurt.
  • However, my renewed interest in the bread machine isn’t particularly helpful.
  • Nathan learned a bit about Helen Keller in school, and is fascinated with her.  He was delighted when I told him we only lived a short ride from her house.  We planned to go Monday.  So it snowed.
  • Obama’s health care “summit” of February 25 is widely regarded as a trap for the GOP, but I think they can win it outright.  I’m pleased to see some prominent agreement.
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