Nov 222009
  • Kudos to Les Miles for displaying more sustained idiocy than I can recall ever seeing in two minutes of a college football game.  Way to follow up one of the finest onside kicks I’ve ever seen, man.  You’re making me look like a genius.  Dropped Arkansas game next?
  • Mark Ingram for Heisman.
  • I have no trouble believing that Kansas head coach Mark Mangino is an abusive jackass.  Shame he had to lose for it to be news, isn’t it?
  • It’s going to cost $18 million to send Charlie Weis packing.  Ouch.
  • Only $4 million for Al Groh, though.
  • Mark Richt?  Can’t believe it’s plausible, but it’s looking that way.  Wow.  That must be some kind of record for shortest time from untouchable to ass on fire.
  • An open invitation to all Auburn fans.
  • Haven’t seen a line yet.  What sounds about right?  I’m thinking Alabama -8.
  • The ACC championship game I have dreaded has come to pass.  It’s my friend Charles (Georgia Tech) vs. my friend Cheryl (Clemson).  I’m genuinely torn.  Remember, it’s Alabama’s own Dabo Swinney heading that Clemson squad!  I’ll tell you, I’m really leaning toward the Tigers on this one.
  • I wonder if, with a division title in their pocket, they’ll stay focused vs. Spurrier this weekend?

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  17 Responses to “Football stuff…”

  1. Jake last night during the Texas-KU game upon seeing Mangino: “So, Dad, then I took Lego Indiana Jones and I defeated the monkey and I got the…WOW! He’s FAT!…extra studs and then I’m going to cash those in to get…”

    So when Angino, Fat Charlie, and Fridge at Maryland all get canned at the end of the season, who has the largest payout in $/pound?

    Dead Tigguhs at the eand of the week. Ingram is salivating.

  2. Hey, if I get to call someone fat, then that sumbitch is an effin’ duplex. And Mark Mangino is fat. And so fired.

    Early line is Alabama -12.

  3. Hizzoner’s remark: “Damn. He makes Fulmer look normal.”

    Groh’s end has barely raised eyebrows hereabouts.

  4. I don’t get it (Open invitation to Auburn fans) – I know it’s sarcastic/tongue-in-cheek or whatever, but does someone think that an Auburn fan will become an Alabama fan just because Alabama has a good season? Personally, I thought allegiances went deeper than that. I figure a lot of AU fans and AL fans are “fans” because they are alumni. The rest of us? Who knows. But I am certainly not going to become an AL fan just because they’ve had a few good seasons and Nick Sat(b)an is their coach. WTF?

  5. kemtee: Groh’s got naked photos of the AD or something. He shouldn’t have survived nearly this long. I think ’09 is it, though.

    Terri: Come to the light, darlin’! You’ve suffered long enough. Let me hear a “Roll Tide” from ya! Woohoo!

  6. Having been a loyal Saints fan for, ever, you know that I am true to my teams. A little fortitude and sticking to what’s right is important these days, or none of us would be fighting the good fight against big gov’t.

    Besides, Alabama fans are annoying and who would want to be annoying? 🙂

  7. It’s a big table, ‘seester. You know you’ve felt the pull. Why not give in to it? 😉

  8. Bo: While I enjoy the gloating as much as anyone, I lived through the lean years of Mike, Mike, and Mike and understand that on has to experience loss to claim the real victory. I’m not sure I’d want the bandwagon smelling like corndog or tractor just yet.

    I am noticing far fewer AU flags/jerseys/coveralls around town though. I think the misery runs deep for the Aubies on Friday.

  9. Don’t worry about Notre Dame. They print their own money. They get far too much favoritism that shuts some very deserving schools out of not only the BCS but good bowls. Just not this year. Bwa Ha Ha! Not being in a conference is starting to hurt them. Join the Big 11 (ooops, 10) and stop pretending your superior to everyone else.

    I hope we don’t overlook the Shamecocks, Bo. I have a bad feeling about this game. I had a bad feeling about NC State too, but that turned out alright – you just never know with Clemson and we are some deeply scarred fans. I don’t think we’ll be able to beat Tech in the ACCCG, but winning the division is certainly a step in the right direction. If the defense plays a very disciplined game, we have a chance. Take the Notre Dame job, Paul.

    I had my doubts about Dabo, but he’s done in one year what Tommy couldn’t do in 10. I admit it. I was wrong. Go Tigers!

  10. BamaDan: I hear you on the pain, and was delighted that we finally manned up and got the major star the program deserves.

    When Auburn dismissed Tuberville–a good coach having a bad year–it was reasonable to expect they’d do the same. Instead, they hired Chizik. I lit into them. They deserved it.

    If he turns into the next superstar, then I’ll come back and eat it. So far I think Auburn made a lateral move at best.

    Cheryl: I was tired of Tommy Bowden, so I know you were. 🙂

  11. I am so pissed at Miles right now, God I hope they fire Rich or maybe Miles will go to ND (assuming Meyer doesn’t go first). He has to go, anywhere. Since winning the MNC, he has not coached like an SEC coach. I tried to support him but the play calling in the last two games has almost appeared to be intentional to lose.

    But, just remember, like BamaDan said, there is always next year.

    And just what is wrong with corndogs and tractors? My dad gave my mom a new tractor for Christmas one year. No, they didn’t go to Auburn; they went to LSU A&M (you have had to drive through the gates on Highland Road in Baton Rouge to get that one.)

    So what’s it going to feel like when Alabama goes undefeated in the regular season and wins neither the SEC nor their Bowl Game AGAIN? (I had to get a jab in there SOMEWHERE 😉 Actually, with LSU and Auburn not in contention, As much as I would had to admit it, three different SEC MNC’s sounds better than just two.

    And Bo, NO college football team “deserves” to win (be it a game or a coach) any more than any other. And keep in mind, like most of them, Saban is in it for the money. One better offer and Alabama will be looking for a new coach.

  12. BB_FAN: Uh-huh. 🙂

  13. Allow me to translate:

    “Saban will just leave you for more money from in three years.” = “PLEASE! PUH-LEASE!!! DEAR GOD, PLEASE TAKE SABAN AWAY! He’s gonna slaughter us for 300 years and raise us from the dead to slaughter us in front of our great-great grandchildren! Please, please make him take a job….ANY JOB!!! Oh why did we hire a magic hat with a zombie attached?”


  14. C.J. for Heisman.

  15. I’m excited to play Clemson, but Tech fans are deeply scarred as well. I wish my team could have 12 good weeks and get cocky enough to shoot off my mouth, but history tells me don’t do it. Georgia is a thorn no matter what and Clemson is always a fight. That being said, I’m happy to have three more games in which to care with one of those being a dream of a BCS game.

  16. Dwyer for Heisman.

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