Sep 282009
  • Hey, guess what?  Iran has another nuclear facility.  Under a mountain.  On a military base.  Also, they’re testing missiles with a 1,200-mile range.  Worry not, though; we’re meeting them Thursday to discuss it.  My guess is that the time for diplomatic engagement is over, and the time for more diplomatic engagement is beginning.  Dear fanatical, apocalyptic regime pursuing Armageddon:  we are about to speak very forcefully to you about this!  (In these delicate matters, you stay with what works.)
  • Our esteemed president wants longer school days, as well as longer school years.  Presumably this will mean even more time for spending tax dollars to teach fawning, adulatory song and dance routines to young children who lack critical thinking skills.
  • It seems that Guantanamo isn’t going to close on Obama’s timetableFilm at effin’ eleven! But hey, know what?  That’s Bush’s fault, too.
  • No worries, though.  It’s all good.  Obama’s got time to jet off to Copenhagen to “pitch” Chicago for the 2016 Olympics (and as Ramesh Ponnuru pointed out, does anyone actually think he’d be going if it weren’t already decided?).  On another note, is there enough money on the planet for all of the greasing and kicking back that’s going to have to be done for an Olympics in Chicago?  We may be facing a corruption vortex that swallows the universe here.  Hey, maybe we can get ACORN to sell tickets!

Happy Monday to you.  Still knuckled down and checking off the days to the midterms, here.  How about you?

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  3 Responses to “The One’s to-dos this week…”

  1. Oh, thank you so much for a laugh this afternoon. I am still just in a daze over recent news (check the blog) and it’s been a more depressing than usual Monday. Bad news just keeps coming.

    Yes, I love that we are going to engage in serious dialogue with Iran. So, we’ve been playing patty-cake with them so far? And isn’t this all GWB’s fault too? He should have known about this facility(ies) and warned BHO before he handed over the keys to the West Wing.

    And the school thing? Don’t even get me started. Heard statistics this morning, and may be in your link, that US kids already go to school more hours than kids in those countries that are far out performing our kids. Not as many days, but more hours. So, what does that tell me? We’re not using our hours wisely and efficiently. How about less square dancing and singing “All Hail the King, Obama” and put another 10 or 15 minutes on the math class and the physics class?

    And the Copenhagen thing – what a crock o’shit. I’m with you. He would NOT be there if it weren’t a Done Deal. I hope we are proven wrong. Yes, the vortex may destroy all life as we know it. But, if by chance we don’t get the Olympics, that is GWB’s fault as well.

    And you know the gal that let the F bomb fly on SNL Saturday night? That’s George’s fault too.

  2. My initial reaction on the school thing was to wonder why we didn’t just send the *struggling* children to school in the summer so that during the rest of the school year that the teacher didn’t have to teach to the middle and maybe could spend some time challenging the upper 25% instead of working with the bottom 25% all the damn time. But that wouldn’t be politically correct. Honestly, when you start comparing countries, I wonder if it’s really apples to apples. Are their classrooms quite so caught up with the idea of equality in the name of self esteem or do they actually promote / hold back children based on the child’s ability regardless of age?

    Terri – I read your blog. Sorry to hear about your co-worker. That sucks.

  3. Terri, Lea: You are not to challenge the ideas and proposals of The One and his minions. It is as they say. You need not worry with details. See health care, or cap and trade, or (insert topic here).

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