Sep 022009

Wow, the season starts tomorrow night!  Can you stand it?

A few SEC bullets:

  • The Ole Miss love is absolutely preposterous.  The fact that Houston Nutt historically can’t stand high expectations ought to seal that for you, if nothing else.  That team is no pushover, but they’ll do well to get back to 9-4.  They’re damned sure not going to win the West.
  • Do or die time for Spurrier.  Man, I’ve loved having you back in the league, but clearly, you’re not doing anything but screwing up the end of your career.
  • Les Miles drops four this year.  Grumbling intensifies.  This guy sooooo should have taken the Michigan job.
  • Auburn, Tennessee:  you’ve given me little choice but to be that Alabama fan this year, which anyone will tell you I have not habitually been.  You both deserve to suck.  I will be pulling for such outcomes.
  • I’d love to see Vanderbilt finish above .500 again this year.  I’d enjoy the romance of Bobby Johnson hanging around and turning out those kinds of years for them, but if he does do it again, I’ve a feeling he’ll be elsewhere in 2010.
  • Florida will lose, but it won’t happen until December 5.


  • I think the fruit is lining up for the Big 12 to beat itself bloody this year.  No one escapes with less than 2 losses.  Most will have more.
  • I have Georgia Tech winning the ACC this year.
  • The Big 10 looks great—until it plays out of conference.  That record will be horrific this year.
  • A Big East team is going to jump up and beat the hell out of someone to whom it was a two-touchdown underdog.  The conference will still get no respect.

Your BCS National Championship Game final score is below, and please note the timestamp so I look like a genius in four months:

Alabama 31, USC 24.

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  14 Responses to “Kickoff 2009”

  1. “Alabama 31, USC 24”

    I know, right? And I’m surprised UAT isn’t ranked higher in the pre-season poles given their stunning Sugar Bowl victory over the perennial football powerhouse Utah Utes last year. No wait….

  2. Lee: You on the Plains need expend no energy worrying about us. You just see if you can get to .500, man. 🙂

  3. Surprisingly, given my love of NFL football, I’ve never become a big college ball fan. I basically watch the college game only for the sake of scouting players for the next year’s NFL Draft.

    Yes, I am a draftnik.

    I write for My conference responsibilities are the Big East, C-USA, MVC, and the NAIA. Could I give you a prediction for whose going to win any of those conferences or the divisions therein? Nope. But I could probably give you a decent early scouting report on a given player.

  4. My pick for C-USA, and I am totally pulling this out of the vapor of non-knowledge, is Southern Miss. Just because I went there for 1 semester. I went to Tulane for 8 semesters, but they can only be good in Football once every 20 years and their time is not up yet on that.

  5. Bama 27 VT 17.

    Re: Auburn and Tennessee, I’ve always been that kind of Bama fan. this year will be no different.

  6. Go Dawgs!!

    War Eagle!!

    Go Va Tech!!

    Go anyone playing Bama. Can’t stand ’em. At. All.

  7. What, no predictions for a Bama National Championship this year? I thought they won it ever year. Check this out

    I still maintain LSU, Auburn, and Alabama all have the same QB. His name is TBD. Their respective season will depend on how whoever earns the spot performs down the line. As long as an SEC team wins the MNC again this year, it will be a good year.

  8. BB_Fan did you read the entire post?

  9. Well obviously not. I guess I stopped at the end of the dots. Should have known any self-respecting Bama fan would be making that claim. Of course it won’t be USC in that game either. Probably Florida and Texas.

  10. Yanno, it’s this time of year that makes me sorry I graduated from a Div II school.

  11. Tigers fear pachyderms!



  13. *laughing at susan*
    *leaning over and waving hands in her face*


  14. […] football game.  Way to follow up one of the finest onside kicks I’ve ever seen, man.  You’re making me look like a genius.  Dropped Arkansas game […]

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