Sep 162009

My colleague announced about 10:15 this morning that she was going to Burger King, and could she pick me up anything?  How sweet is that?

I had already planned to work through, but it did sound good, so I caved.  Whopper with cheese and onion rings, please.  Thank you.

It was delicious.  Then I (nearly idly) went to the Burger King web site to see how much damage I had done, and wound up having a great time.

See, Burger King has this page on which you can add and subtract ingredients for a sandwich, and it updates the nutrition information (and photo) dynamically, and there are not nearly as many application constraints as there should be.

For example, who knew a Whopper could be so low-cal?


Give me one with every sort of patty in the joint:


I’ll have the instant massive cardiac arrest, Jeeves:


You can stack it right off the page and approach 15,000 calories, if you like.  I stayed with what I could capture for the post.

Click here to build your burger.  Enjoy.

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  5 Responses to “Have it your way”

  1. I’ve always wanted to go in and order a Whopper, no meat. Just to watch the teenaged counter dude’s head explode. Around here, it could very well happen.

  2. I doubt it. He/she/it would probably just spend an hour looking for the “no meat” key before attempting to solicit help from an equally clueless manager.

  3. Hey guys, when I worked at Taco Bell exactly 22 years and five months ago, there was a piece of UI that showed when a manager opened the front of the terminal that I’ve never forgotten. It was a flashing LED that said underneath it–molded in the metal, and I swear it said this–“OK IF BLINKING.”

  4. You’ll laugh but I worked at a Burger King in NYC when I was in college and we had a button on our register for “Vegetarian Whoppers.” I could never understand why you’d go to Burger King for a burgerless burger and actually tried one once. Once. Blecht.

  5. I’m pretty sure that’s all in “Give Me The Brain”

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