Sep 192009

obamacowbellPresident Obama will appear on “the Sunday shows” on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and Univision tomorrow in taped interviews aimed at increasing support for his health care plan.  This is on the heels of a 60 Minutes appearance last weekend, which was itself on the heels of his big joint session address.  A Letterman appearance follows on Monday.

I think I saw where he was going to open the new Express Oil Change over in Plovis next weekend.  Free hot dogs; balloons for the kids.

You think this guy runs his mouth a lot?  That’s not just perception, but reality—by a factor of three.  According to this USA Today piece:

“Obama will have done 124 print, broadcast and radio interviews by day’s end on Sunday, according to a tally by Martha Joynt Kumar, a political scientist at Towson University in Maryland. George W. Bush did 40 and Bill Clinton did 46 by the same point in their presidencies.”

And, as Jim Geraghty rightly notes, we all remember how shy Bill Clinton was.

It’s as if no one at the White House has noticed that the only recent steady uptick in his health care numbers (however modest said uptick was) occurred when he was on Martha’s Vineyard and keeping his damned mouth shut.

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  8 Responses to “At last, Obama to let us know his thoughts on health care”

  1. When does he get his new cable channel yet?

  2. that makes no sense. let’s change it to Does he have his own cable channel, yet?

  3. You mean, not counting CNN and MSNBC?

  4. By the way, Bo, would you please provide us mere morons with an acceptable definition of the word “tax” since Merriam-Webster obviously has no clue? Thanks so much.

  5. Terri: Of this you can be sure: if the president says it’s not a tax, then it’s not a tax.

  6. Thank you for that clarification. Pretty much what I thought. By the way, love the “More Cowbell” treatment of The One. Where did you find that?? Wonder if he took it with him to the UN this week……

  7. Terri: It was floating around National Review Online. It didn’t originate there, so I didn’t cite it from there.

  8. […] may recall this was the plan four months ago as well.  Someone explain to me how this is indicative of anything but rank […]

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