Aug 262009

South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer has asked Governor Mark Sanford to resign.

It’s a good idea, Mark.  Go home and never come back.  Perhaps if you contritely and completely surrender to your wife’s mercy, y’all can put it back together.  You remember your marriage, right?  That little greatest-earthly-promise-you’ll-make thing?  Okay.

We Americans stay hungry for political destruction, particularly of the sort driven by penile gratification.  However, we don’t often see a fall so slow and agonizing.  Perhaps it was the fact that he couldn’t shut up about how incredible his mistress is that prolonged it.  Or maybe it was when he said he would “try to fall back in love” with his wife.

What a guy.

Hey, maybe he’ll steal a page from the (alleged) John Edwards playbook next:  reveal he has a child with her, and move her into the neighborhood!

Actually, Sanford seems defiant, which would be 100% consistent with his to-date stupidity on the whole thing.  He may well end up impeached on misuse of travel funds.

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  2 Responses to “Will Mark Sanford resign?”

  1. As a Palmetto state resident, I would love to wave bye bye to that asshole. He’s always been a stuborn ass, which is a shame because I agree with a goodly portion of his political ideals. I have just never liked the man himself.

  2. Cheryl, I’m glad you commented, because I was curious for your take. He was defiant today. Apparently he’s going to ride it all the way into the drink.

    It’s hard not to be a little bit of a voyeur when a guy who should be pulling back hard on the yoke instead just gives it more throttle. 🙂

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