Aug 182009

Greg had a good point today:  we have universal legal care right now.  I hear about how well it works all the time, don’t you?  Go read his post.

All righty!  Let’s bring it all to health care, shall we?  Only this time, let’s write the law such that private providers are slowly strangled out of existence.

Of course, it hasn’t been a good week or two for The One’s health care reform efforts.  Poll skids continue, for both his ideas and him personally.  They killed, and are now trying to tell you that gosh, all of this technology stuff is really confusing, and we just really have no idea how that unsolicited email from the White House got out, and stuff.  (Anybody buying that?)

Now, the latest marvy development is that, after Obama signaled he might drop the public option, he got pushback from some of the hardest lefties in Congress.  They’re ready to fight.  I hope they do, because Obama has amply demonstrated how well he does that.  (Liberal lap dog Jack Cafferty is trying to talk a little trash in that direction, sounding very much like my high school friends saying “don’t take that!” trying to stir up trouble.)

Heh.  Love it.  Just love it.

As I’ve said before, that Barack Obama is such an ineffective and boorish bully day to day is a tremendous gift.  (Is anything so delicious in a political opponent as wanton hubris?)

I know it’s tempting because it’s a good show, but don’t stop and enjoy this for any longer than a minute or two.  He may still discover enough humility and/or learning capacity to recover a dangerous level of effectiveness, and those majorities are still in place for 15 more months.  Have a rest, but keep up the fight.  Stay on your representatives’ telephone lines and inboxes.  Churn it.  Chaos means inaction.

And I do love the thought of a whole lot of nothing happening in Congress.

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  7 Responses to “Enjoy the show, but don’t let up”

  1. […] Those words cannot be found in any health care legislation and they absolutely will not be. Enjoy the show, but don’t let up – 08/19/2009 Greg had a good point today:  we have universal legal care right now.  […]

  2. You shall be the director of BuSab in my new country.

  3. Don’t you mean Czar?

  4. Great, and telling, post at the American Prospect here. If any doubt remains for you that the public option is/was a stealth single-payer system–by design, from the start–this shall erase it.

  5. If anyone thought the “public option” was anything other than a single-payer system then they were too stipid to engage in the discussion.

    If it wasn’t single-payer, it didn’t belong in the mix to start.

    I think the opponents of health care reform have pretty much won this battle.

  6. Carey: I agree on the public option being single-payer. Certainly does make Obama’s tortured rhetoric on it all the more sleazy, though.

    I am not an opponent of health care reform. I am an opponent of the false dilemma.

  7. […] as I’ve blogged before, I have doubts such things are in him.  Moreover, we already have indications he’s going to […]

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