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MTV was a boon for many artists when it appeared and proceeded to completely dominate the music of the early to mid-’80s.  What a wonderful new medium!  Check out all of this exposure for all of these great artists!

But its power was enough to destroy completely some ’70s hangers-on.  Plenty of artists who had known some significant degree of success only a few years earlier tried to do the MTV thing and immediately faced Waterloo.

Exhibit A:  “Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk,” Dr. Hook.

Now there is a lot that is correct about this song and video.  It’s undeniably catchy, with a great, um, hook (sorry).  And a pretty posterior in form-fitting denim is always in fashion.  But there were some key assumptions that did it—and Dr. Hook—right in:

Bad assumption #1:  The artist must appear in the video.  (Yipes, guys.  Come on.)

Bad assumption #2:  The artist, upon appearing in the video, must move in time with the music.  (This is the greatest sustained chuckle for me.  I particularly like the tortured efforts to keep it up while they’re walking backwards and singing to her.)

Bad assumption #3:  Aforementioned classic visual of a great butt in tight jeans is enough to overcome #1 and #2.

Enjoy—and cringe:

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  6 Responses to “MTV: Dr. Hook’s fast track to the corn dog circuit”

  1. Good Lord that’s awful! Here’s my nominee for one of the worst music videos ever.


    Who thought “air keyboard” would be a good idea?

  2. That badunkadunk belongs to 80’s actress Randi Brooks from The Man With Two Brains and Wizards and Warriors. Who cares that there’s music or a guy with an eyepatch?

  3. This one of the Dr. Hook’s Classic hits and its my first time to this video. Well I really say this this is not a good MTV because with the time and fashion difference from 70’s, 80’90’s and 2000’s was really different from each other.

  4. Just be thankful it wasn’t “Sylvia’s Mother.”

  5. BamaDan: I think the eye patch is the least of it… 🙂

  6. Randi Brooks is the heet…

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