May 142009
  • Well, judging from the (lack of) headlines, the pandemic must be over.  Everybody go back to picking your nose, licking doorknobs, and whatever else you were doing before the world panicked over 0.000001% of its population getting the flu.
  • So the infamous detainee abuse photos will not be released after all—and yet another piece of Bush’s prosecution of the war on terror falls into place under the Obama regime.  (Announcements like this are as close as we’re going to get to admissions that the sober business of day-in, day-out governing requires a bit more consideration than riling fawning sycophants on the campaign trail.)
  • Cheerios is a drug now.  God bless the sprawling federal bureaucracy.
  • As close as I’ve ever gotten to People magazine-style celebrity worship is occasionally checking out the photo essays that hang off the news sites.  (You know, Entertainment Weekly‘s top ten hairdos, or worst series endings ever, or such.)  Well, even those days might be ending soon, because I never know who the hell anyone is anymore.  I might know a quarter of the people I see in such things.
  • Speaking of both celebrities and living in the past, sometimes I think of doing a “Forgotten Babes of the ’80s” series, with an occasional post on a spectacularly beautiful woman who’s pretty much totally anonymous today (and may have been semi-obscure even then).  I’ll probably never do it, so I’ll go ahead and tell you the first three were to be Anne-Marie Martin, Cynthia Rhodes, and Ana Alicia.
  • The boys have had rotten luck with spring soccer this year.  If the weekend forecast holds, they’ll be in danger of missing half their games because of rain.
  • The Indianapolis 500 is a week from Sunday.  Danica’s starting 10th.
  • Oliver has a habit of making a hot spot on my side of the bed immediately before I go to sleep.  (And it is hot; normal feline body temperature is about 101.5 ºF).  You know, I’m still so glad to see him every time, I don’t much care anymore.

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  7 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #37”

  1. I imagine that pretty soon, the farmers who grow the oats will have to go tag every plant with a disclaimer…

  2. The FDA is a source of nearly endless comedy. No one’s at all interested in closing the loopholes that allow snake oil peddlers to make absurd claims about herbal this and homeopathic that and crystal the other thing. But some dipshit desk jockey in Minneapolis is more than happy to go after Cheerios.

  3. What has absolutely killed me about the flu news is that every year, on average, about 26,000 Americans (according to the CDC) die from the flu and it never gets this kind of coverage.

  4. I don’t know who most of the people on the cover of People magazine are either. Since the rise of the internet I hardly watch any television and for the most part I have no idea who the current stars/celebrities are.

    I read somewhere that most of the hysteria over swine flu was driven by the media. Thankfully we have other sources of information today.

  5. “picking your nose, licking doorknobs” =>> Oh, Bo, thanks for that lovely image.

    I’m buying Cheerios in bulk quantities. Hope to make big bucks on the drug black market.

    Yes, must release those photos. Oh, never mind, they might put folks in more danger.

    Nancy was LIED to by the CIA. How dare they?

  6. Pelosi’s a dingbat. Props to the CIA for producing actual documentation rather than the oh so convincing “Uh uh, no you didn’t! You’re lying! Mom, they’re lying!!!” argument. I’m waiting for Nancy to come up with “They didn’t tell me I was in Cuba.”

  7. Bigdave: Exactly. The swine flu is a nothing event, and I worry that when there is something that is especially virulent and especially deadly, not enough will take it seriously because of the way this has gone. Call it the wolf flu–the cry wolf flu.

    Bob: Neither of us would do very well at a hipster Hollywood party, but I suspect the odds of either of us showing up at one are quite low.

    Terri, you have obviously fallen victim to the oppressive teachings of the patriarchy, and BamaDan, you’re clearly just a typically sexist cog in the right wing hate machine. There is no other logical explanation for your respective desires to see the first female Speaker of the House destroyed. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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