May 292009

Well, now.  Look what the Obama regime quietly floated yesterday while we all spun our wheels on Sotomayor and GM’s imminent bankruptcy.

Ladies and gentlemen, please, for the love of all that is holy:  start the avalanche of faxes, letters, and phone calls to your representatives right now.  A value-added tax must not be allowed to roost in the United States.  It is pernicious and forever (hence the title of this post).

A national retail sales tax might not be a bad idea, but it must come only with the abolition of the income tax, which would mean the repeal of the Sixteenth Amendment.

(Naturally the VAT discussion includes no such provision, and I suspect it’s comical to hope for any prospect of such.)  Actually, you know, come to think of it, I’m sure it won’t happen.  Why, Obama said only the rich would see their taxes go up, right?

Folks, enough.  Let this be when you finally get sufficiently pissed off to raise hell.

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  10 Responses to “The herpes tax”

  1. Nah. Only the people in the middle and upper tier are going to pay. The rest will be able to get a rebate.

  2. What is too much anymore? At this point I think this administration could install telescreens without so much as a whimper from anyone.

  3. I honestly think that so many people believe that anything done in the past 8 years was the wrong thing, no matter what it was, that all the new guy has to say is, “that was the old way, this is the new way.”

    Did you watch his speech at AZ’s graduation? It was disturbing on so many levels.

  4. This sounds very different from the fairtax proposals. I’m not sure if anybody would be getting rebates with what is being suggested here. This will be so unpopular, it won’t go anywhere…I think. If something as crazy as this sails through Congress then the Republicans should have no trouble regaining control.

  5. So I have to pay income tax, VAT, and possibly tax on employer-sponsored health care plans? WTF? Why do I work?

    So after the pay for physicians plummets after it is relegated to a socialist position, what kind of loser dropouts will be providing this free health care? Enjoy driving 100 miles to a veterinarian to get a check-up.

  6. ‘seester: You mentioned it to me, but I never watched it. Is this the excoriation of capitalism speech? (Which one?)

    Bigdave: I hope you’re right. I assume nothing anymore.

    BamaDan: Remember, a dollar in a citizen’s pocket is horrible. Why, all of those rich doctors right now are a big part of the problem. Probably a lot of them didn’t even vote for Obama, such is their evilness and lack of vision. And you just know they’re “not paying their fair share” right now anyway. Bitches. Bastards.

  7. This proposal is definitely not the Fair Tax, because the Fair tax is based on the premise that income taxes must be completely eliminated. I was being sarcastic because this administration seems to love to find ways of taxing everybody, and then moving the burden back to the supposedly better off. This will just be another in a long line of taxes like that one.

  8. FTA: But advocates say few other options can generate the kind of money the nation will need to avert fiscal calamity.

    Umm.. how about we abandon Santa Claus economics and consider the possibility that spending ought to be trimmed?

  9. “Change” – What you have left after the Obama administration taxes your paycheck.

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