Apr 032009

Well, this seems a suitable Friday night post.

Some people are Dallas fans, and some people are Star Wars fans.  A few bright lights are both, and it is for them that this video was created (hat tip, Scott Roberts).

The attention to detail here is really outstanding.  The creator had lots of affection for this television show and this film series.

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  5 Responses to “What if Star Wars came on Fridays, 9/8 Central, from 1978 to 1991?”

  1. My kids are already requesting another view. This is great!

  2. BTW, this gave me a chuckle for another reason. Do you remember all of the time we wasted trying to figure out who shot J.R.? I was way, way too young to be watching that show then!

  3. Bigdave: I do remember that, and we were too young, though they’re really pretty tame. Catch a rerun on TNN sometime. They really weren’t all that violent, the occasional shooting and fistfight at the barbecue notwithstanding. Sexwise, about the most scandalous single shot I can ever remember seeing is an obviously naked Sheree J. Wilson (meoooooooowr) under a bed sheet.

  4. Dad commented by email that the Dallas theme is really an exceptional piece of music. I agree.

  5. Like all good TV dramas, there has to be a character who has a “dick that cures cancer” as Amy and I see it. Rescue Me has Tommy Gavin, Nip/Tuck has Christian Troy, Friday Night Lights has Tim Riggins. They were all complete tools compared to J.R. Ewing and his massive eyebrows.

    We preferred Knots Landing in college, but that’s probably only due to its proximity to lunch.

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