Feb 202009

I’m having a blast setting up different ringtones for everyone in my cell phone.  Aural Caller ID is très useful, grasshopper.

I’ve really had this capability for a couple of phones now, and actually did an all-Cheap Trick scheme once.  That was fun.  “If You Want My Love” for Lea; “Gonna Raise Hell” for Charles; “Daddy Should Have Stayed In High School” for Dad…heh.

This time it’s wide open—anything in my library—and I’m not going to share, and you’ll never know, ’cause why would you call me mobile if you’re standing right there?  Bwahahahahaha!  OK, I’ll share one:  this time around, Lea is “You’re My Best Friend” by Queen.

Incidentally, the default ring is the theme from Twisted Nerve.  I’ve wanted to do that ever since I saw/heard it in Death Proof, which was itself a reference to Kill Bill Vol. 1.

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