Jan 062009

Here are some recent search terms (put into Google, Yahoo!, and so forth) that led someone to this blog:

otc homemade migraine cocktail ingredients
Drink one level cup of Crown Royal and call me in the morning.

stained glass christmas villages
You know, every now and again I’ll write some smart-assed piece that accumulates only sincere searches.  This may be one.  My last one was on Sunday school lessons.  I feel bad about them.  No I don’t.

pink alecia moore sexy

auburn 2013
Chin up.  You might win as many as 20 games between now and then.

are my old playboys worth anything
Almost certainly not as much as the footlocker full of softcore I so cavalierly tossed out when I got married.

i think i got ghosts
I think so too.  Send me $100 and I’ll cast a spell to get rid of them for you.

cut out sugar got pregnant
Heh!  Here is some suggested reading.

fuck your sheep
I knew these searches would come in, and even mentioned it in the post, but would you believe most days?

swallowing a bic lighter
At least make sure it’s one of the little ones.

dream world in alabama
No, it’s terrible here.  Everything you’ve heard is true.  We can barely read, we don’t make friends with anyone who isn’t fundamentalist Christian, and the Klan marches in the street every Saturday.

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