Jan 262009

Last week Nathan’s Upward basketball coach sent Lea and me email with the subject Special Request.  Something about snacks, or time change, or something, I figure.  Nope.  It’s “hey Bo, I have personal business this weekend.  Can you coach the boys in their game that day?”

Of course, I told him I’d be happy to.

And Lea—my partner in life, my rock, my unyielding support—said, “Do you know enough about basketball to do that?”



In fact, were they playing a full-up version of the game—positions, shifting defensive schemes, and such—then no, I would not have been comfortable accepting the responsibility, and would have said so.  However, I’m confident I’ll do fine with the Upward rules.

We’re headed to practice in a little while.  Mostly I want to talk to Nathan’s coach about what he usually says to the boys at halftime.  I mean, you know, I know he doesn’t throw things and scream “can’t anybody here play this damned game?”  I do want to preserve continuity as best I can, though.

Also, for that day I’m changing the team name from Leopards to Ministers of Pain, and telling the boys that if they think they can slide an elbow to an opponent’s jaw by the refs, then go ahead and take the shot.

(No, of course I’m not.)

I’m looking forward to it.

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Jan 252009

“Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel from coast to coast without seeing anything.” – Charles Kuralt

I’ve traveled every single inch of I-65, and that’s the only interstate for which I can say that (excluding spurs and bypasses).  I love interstate travel.  I continue to be amazed at the predictable, reliable results it delivers.  I love the mile markers ticking off.  I love determining an arrival time based on average speed—figuring stops, and weather, and whatever—all stuff with which I mentally entertained myself long before a $100 GPS receiver made it trivially easy.

I also hate interstate travel, for exactly those same reasons.  What do you do?  What do you see?  Yay, Stuckey’s!  (You know, I suppose.)

But for every bit of its length, I-65 periodically intersects with U.S. 31.  Sometimes I think about taking some time off and driving to Canada on 31.  It’d be a fun thing to do with a vacation, would it not?  Just leave without any sort of plan, and have an old-school road trip, doing whatever hits your fancy along the way?  (I think I’ll keep the electronic ignition and microprocessor-controlled combustion of a modern car, though, so I wouldn’t quite be kicking it old school authentically.)  I bet I could get some killer geocaching done.

Perhaps it will be a guys’ trip I take sometime, as Lea generally likes a vacation to include immediate proximity to an ocean.

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Jan 242009

Early, early morning
Man, that was some great sleep I got last night.

Early morning
Nathan had an Upward basketball game at 8.  Aaron had a slight fever, so just Nathan and I went.  The boys had fun, despite a rude opponent.  Also, it is not my policy to comment on the quality of officiating at a sporting event in which my son is participating.  However, were I to revise that policy, I certainly would have commented today.

Late morning
Super Mario Galaxy has been a fun little diversion.  I’ve not been in a hurry to finish it; it’s just been fun to pick up and play for a bit here and there.  Unfortunately, I had to declare war on it today.  The rest of it has been pretty light, but I am now convinced that the Toy Time Galaxy was spawned in the ninth circle of hell, perhaps under the direct supervision of Lucifer himself.

The only home office printer I’ve ever loved broke my heart and shat its print head last night (after six years of tireless, whimperless service, so I’m not complaining).  Besides the fact that it’s fairly expensive to replace that part, its ink tanks have begun a definite march toward planned obsolescence and thus eventual unavailability.  (Costco dropped ’em about six months ago.  Not a good sign.)

Couple that with the fact that I’ve been having to trick my computer with a convoluted configuration to run my scanner (as it’s not supported in 64-bit Vista), and I went shopping for a cheapie all-in-one today.  That’s now purchased, configured, and working fine.

Charles went with me.  He had bought me a couple of Junkyard T-shirts as a surprise, and had to give them to me today.  (What a cool gift!  Thanks and much love, man.)  So, he was already at the house, and his firstborn and my baby enjoyed each other while we made the run.

Homemade pizza, a slight Budweiser American Ale-generated haze, and general contentedness.

Happy Saturday.  Hope yours has been pleasant.

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