Jan 242009

Early, early morning
Man, that was some great sleep I got last night.

Early morning
Nathan had an Upward basketball game at 8.  Aaron had a slight fever, so just Nathan and I went.  The boys had fun, despite a rude opponent.  Also, it is not my policy to comment on the quality of officiating at a sporting event in which my son is participating.  However, were I to revise that policy, I certainly would have commented today.

Late morning
Super Mario Galaxy has been a fun little diversion.  I’ve not been in a hurry to finish it; it’s just been fun to pick up and play for a bit here and there.  Unfortunately, I had to declare war on it today.  The rest of it has been pretty light, but I am now convinced that the Toy Time Galaxy was spawned in the ninth circle of hell, perhaps under the direct supervision of Lucifer himself.

The only home office printer I’ve ever loved broke my heart and shat its print head last night (after six years of tireless, whimperless service, so I’m not complaining).  Besides the fact that it’s fairly expensive to replace that part, its ink tanks have begun a definite march toward planned obsolescence and thus eventual unavailability.  (Costco dropped ’em about six months ago.  Not a good sign.)

Couple that with the fact that I’ve been having to trick my computer with a convoluted configuration to run my scanner (as it’s not supported in 64-bit Vista), and I went shopping for a cheapie all-in-one today.  That’s now purchased, configured, and working fine.

Charles went with me.  He had bought me a couple of Junkyard T-shirts as a surprise, and had to give them to me today.  (What a cool gift!  Thanks and much love, man.)  So, he was already at the house, and his firstborn and my baby enjoyed each other while we made the run.

Homemade pizza, a slight Budweiser American Ale-generated haze, and general contentedness.

Happy Saturday.  Hope yours has been pleasant.

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  9 Responses to “My Saturday”

  1. Love me some Budweiser American Ale, never thought those words would cross my lips, or fingers….

  2. Yeah, it’s nice, isn’t it? It’s an uncommonly good effort from a megabrewery.

  3. Now, I am a wee bit thirsty.

  4. Think I just might have to fetch some more. 🙂

  5. So, what printer did you get? I’m looking for an all-in-one but can’t seem to make up my mind. Ugh.

  6. wxchick: It’s a Canon Pixma 620. Seems fine and solves my immediate problem, and it was inexpensive enough that if I see something nicer that I want in a year or two, I won’t feel bad about getting it.

  7. Cool … I was looking at the Canon Pixma 700 or 850, but just couldn’t quite pull the trigger.

    Where’d you get your 620? Best Buy appears to be out of stock.

  8. Staples on 72. Though as of last night, Amazon.com was $16 cheaper.

  9. Um, your Saturday night was much more relaxing than mine 🙂

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