Dec 282008

I’ve never been particularly tempted to try turning a leisure pursuit into a living, and part of the reason is that I’ve never known a cheerful hobby shop owner.

I think the guys who were cheerful in their pre-hobby shop lives must be the ones who bottom out at a sort of deliberate numbness.  Our local R/C shop guy will get there, and one moment sir, and I’ll probably have to order that, and you’ll get what you’re after eventually.  Don’t look for a smile, though.

On the other hand, I think the guys who already had anything of a tendency toward grouchiness can become openly hostile.  We’ve got a local model railroading guy who gets irritated when he knows more than you do about what you’re looking for.  He’s a mutterer, too.  My supplier this.  My delivery guy that.

Certainly the business side strips a lot of the romance from it, and I figure it’s resentment of the lost pleasure manifesting itself.  It must be a strong force, too.  In the age of the Internet, customer service is a primary distinguisher.

It really doesn’t bother me much, but it definitely makes me not want a hobby shop.

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