Dec 262008
  • We’re having a wonderful holiday.  Hope you are too.  I postponed the usual Thursday miscellanea post for Christmas Day, so here it is.  I spent way too much time thinking about whether to call it “Thursday miscellanea,” “Thursday miscellanea on Friday,” or “Friday miscellanea.”
  • Eartha Kitt died yesterday at 81.  Among many other things, she recorded the canonical “Santa Baby,” which went gold just last week.  How’s that for poetry?  RIP.
  • I noticed the other day that I neglected to set the toaster oven clock back when we reverted to standard time.  I’m trying to leave it alone as a constructive exercise in the things that should not consume my mental bandwidth.  (I almost absently reset it a minute ago before remembering that.)  I despise Daylight Saving Time.  I also despise the widespread practice of including time-of-day clocks on devices that don’t need them.
  • Ruben Navarrette Jr., who is certainly no GOP apologist, has an interesting column today aimed at those who don’t understand Sarah Palin’s appeal.  If that’s you, go read it.  Or, don’t.  Continue to demonize her without understanding why she resonates with people, and then ask yourself whether that’s worked with Rush Limbaugh.
  • Aaron got the airport for his GeoTrax train set for Christmas.  I put it together for him this afternoon.  He played with it for about five minutes in the intended manner.  Then, he figured out that if he didn’t fasten the airplane hatch tightly, it would come loose at the top of the loop and the pilot would hilariously plummet to his death.  Yup, that’s my kid.
  • Down go the gas prices, and immediately up go the truck and SUV sales.  Incredible.
  • Yes, there are the usual necessary lifestyle corrections (diet and exercise; still on the smoking wagon at two and a half months!).  In addition to those, I am resolving for 2009 to never make another “that’s what she said” joke.  I understand its longevity—it’s widely applicable and often funny—but it’s in way too many repertoires anymore.
  • Octopus eats shark.  Damn.

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  7 Responses to “Friday miscellanea”

  1. I grew up in (well mostly near) a town of less than 6,000 in rural Illinois. I haven’t heard anything from Mrs. Palin reflecting any “values” except purblind ignorance. She took the “big time” GOP for a ride, and they deserve what they got. She got a nice wardrobe out of it, at least.

    Does that mean she has no future in high office? Sadly, no, but one can hope.

    Hope your family holiday time was nice.

  2. Gerry: All righty, then! Here’s hoping similar thinking abounds in future campaigns opposing her.

    Yes, we’ve had a wonderful Christmas and associated break. Hope yours has been as well.

  3. A smalltown, hockey mom neocon is still a neocon.

  4. I can understand why some people find her attractive, but she still doesn’t appeal to me. There aren’t many communities around the country more rural than the one I live in, but her values don’t mirror mine. As for her “common” background, good for her. I admire folks who take advantage of the opportunities this country offers, and she’s obviously a focused and driven person. Still, there’s something about her personality that I find distasteful.

    The aquarium video was neat! Octopi are very clever animals.

    Way to go with the non-smoking, Bo!

  5. Wonder if Ms. Palin is enjoying listening to “Barack the Magic Negro?”

  6. Sarah really came up on the national stage too quickly to properly prepare herself. Still, I think she’s stronger for it and I’d like to see how she’d fare in a future Republican primary. And yea, it would be too sweet if she beat Obama in 12.

  7. Greg: Perhaps.

    Cheryl: Thanks. Unfortunately, I attended a get-together tonight at which I skidded a bit. I’m back, though.

    Gerry: You’re way behind, man. After all, can only get as far as “Undetermined” status for Palin calling Barack Obama “Sambo”:

    Bob: Yes, the timeframe was compressed, but they damned sure mishandled her too. She’s going to be interesting to watch, that’s for sure.

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