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Well, it seems I’m sending 2008 out much the same way I sent 2007 out.  In fact, I think pretty much everything on December 31, 2008 that I thought on December 31, 2007.  Here’s that post.  Heh.

I’m taking in the Peach Bowl in glorious HD, and enjoying a pleasantly subtle Harpoon IPA haze.  I hope this evening finds you doing something similarly relaxing, and I wish you all the best in the new year.

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  1. Lucky you. I am stuck in a hotel room in Jackson, MS watching it with a loud mouth which is also, unfortunately, an Arkansas fan. I am about to toss her out.

  2. 51 seconds left and up by 35. Maybe I can relax a bit now and risk a “we won” post. Bo, even though I would have cheered for Bama anyway on Friday, I can enjoy it so much more knowing that LSU was better this year than Bama was last year (wink, wink)!

    Now it is over. WAY TO GO SEC today. Two UNRANKED SEC teams beat two top 25 teams today. Ok, Vandy wasn’t pretty but they still won. I trust the rest of the SEC to show why we are the best in the country. (Big 10 is 0-3)

  3. Happy New Year Bo! I enjoy reading your posts. Keep it up!

  4. This is saintseester – she gave you a nice gift so don’t toss her out, yet.

  5. BB_FAN: Congratulations. Y’all just flat ran over ’em. I’m surprised the game wasn’t any better. I feel good about the rest of the SEC games except for the Cotton Bowl, though it’s not impossible.

    Lee: Thank you, sir. Happy New Year to you too.

    ‘seester: Miss you. Looking forward to having you back at the keyboard.

  6. Miles showed us once again what an asshole he really is by faking that punt. No class at all.

  7. I agree Cheryl. Tech got two roughing the quarterback penalties that I think should have warranted a frilly pink skirt being put on Jefferson. Miles was Miles and people continue to take notice. “That stuff usually comes back to get you,” Paul Johnson said. (Now, before BB_FAN calls me out) That being said, when you are mad at the opposing coach and the referees it probably means your team is getting it’s butt handed to them. I woke up this morning a little sore in the sphincter myself. Jefferson had his real coming out party last night. Tech has proven over the course of the last two or three years that an accurate quarterback can absolutely pick us apart. Matthew Stafford did the same thing. Charles Scott looked like Hershel Walker out there. No one has run all over Tech in Atlanta like that since all those Hershel guys (My name is Hershel Walker and so am I). LSU did a good job stopping the run, though statistically things were pretty even. Tech gave some early gifts and LSU gladly accepted. A 28 point second quarter with a total of, I think like 27 yards needed on all four touchdowns. I have too many LSU fans in my life that I’m going to have to lay very low.

    Now, rant alert and I promise it’s not sour grapes. There has to be something done about replay. The non-fumble return for a touchdown; if his arm was going forward or not, shouldn’t that be replayed in the booth? I mean, there has to be some way to award the touchdown, then if you have to take it back, so be it. But, to just not allow it, and then have all this speculation afterwards isn’t right. I’ve watched too many ball games over the last few years where the referees stare at each other, scratch their heads, scratch each others heads, flip a coin, decide what to call, then let the replay officials try to clean up the mess.

  8. When the other team makes comments like you don’t deserve to be on the field with them, you get what you get. Miles is usally pretty good about winning with class and not doing what FL does. But, I loved that fake punt. This is football not soccer.

  9. I don’t know of any comments. Miles is usually pretty good about winning with class, but he wasn’t last night. The fake punt was a neat play. Throwing deep in the 4th quarter with your first string quarterback still in is neat too. Reminded me of the Gators.

  10. Charles, Cheryl: Whaddya want? They took a knee to end the first half. 🙂

    Not a classy guy last night, that Miles. Someone needs to put “HB OFF TACKLE” in his vocabulary, and tell him to keep saying it to himself and anyone else who might have anything to do with play-calling when he’s up five touchdowns in the fourth quarter.

    And I’m with you on replay, Charles. It’s so disruptive at this point (and changes so little, when you really look at it) that I’d just as soon scrap the whole damned thing. After all, they STILL screw up with it. Are they really screwing up any less than they did the old, “bad” way when the officials actually had the nuts to make calls with conviction?

  11. We turned the Peach Bowl off when the score was 35-3. Just couldn’t watch Tech anymore. Ugh!

    Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

  12. On that (non?) fumble, 10 of the 11 LSU players just stopped. One of the refs must have blown the whistle. How can you give them a TD when the other team thinks the play is over because the ref blew a whistle? I am not sure if that was the case but that was what it looked like to me.

    On call reviews, my jury is still out. They seem to change very few but when they do, it is usually the correct call. I would be willing to bet more often than not, the people saying they are wrong are the ones the call went against. Maybe now, with replay available, refs should not blow the whistle until play is done.

    Back to Miles, when you have to listen to people tell you how much you suck this year and how a team is going to kill you, you start wanting to make a point. That includes the coaches as well as the players. And don’t forget, the last game LSU played they gave up a big lead to lose to Arkansas. I am sure that was in the back of their mind.

    And don’t call JJ a “first string QB.” He was the 4th string QB this year.

  13. Oh, and one more thing, LSU only scored 3 points in the second half. I would not call that running the score up.

  14. I agree that a whistle was probably blown. I don’t doubt that. My point is what you said here, “Maybe now, with replay available, refs should not blow the whistle until play is done.” If it is a possible turnover, let the play go and then sort it out. The problem is once you call a play like that “down”, there is nothing anyone can do.

    I must have misunderstood you. You seemed to indicate that the Tech players were saying that LSU doesn’t belong on the field with them. I never read anything even close to that. Now, I did see that “America voted” 76% a Tech victory and that a lot of people had given up on LSU this year. They probably had an axe to grind. Like you said, it’s football, but these things come back around sometimes, that’s part of the game too. If Miles were to pull those deep passes on a coach as classless as Miles someone may end up getting hurt. It’s just not smart.

    If JJ isn’t your first string quarterback, my name is Barack Obama. Tech already beat your “first string” quarterback this year. He’s not coming back.

  15. Oh, and one more thing, I never said anything about running up the score.

  16. BB_FAN: Anyone who spends any time complaining about the quality of officiating in a specific game is behaving trivially. I’ve not complained about officiating “determining a game” in decades. It’s silly.

    What I’m getting at, and I think what Charles is getting at, is that there’s no clear increase in the quality of the officiating with instant replay. Before replay, they got it right nearly all the time. With replay, they get it right…nearly all the time. Its ultimate primary “contribution” is generating three or four lengthy (and essentially always meaningless) sessions of refs’ thumbs up their asses per game. This is particularly irritating when the rules committee is trying everything it can elsewhere to speed up the game.

    Whether or not they result in points, fake punts and downfield throws in the fourth quarter with a five-touchdown lead are not gentlemanly.

  17. The main problem with replay is that so many things are not reviewable. Either scrap the system entirely or go whole hog and review penalties as well.

  18. I “heard” the Tech players had done some trash talking. Don’t ask for references, I don’t have them (and could not find any this morning either). As an LSU fan, I have heard lots of trash talk about how bad LSU is this year. That is common after winning the MNC and then not doing to well.

    Perrillou was #1 until his stupidity finally caught up with him. Hatch was #2, Lee was #3, and Jefferson was #4. Jefferson was going to red-shirt this year. I think that was why we played Lee so much. But yes, JJ was #1 for this game. I am looking forward to three more years of him.

    I don’t understand the classless coach comments. Maybe I don’t pay as much attention but Miles seems no better or worse than any other coach.

    OK, I agree, reviews probably have not added much to the quality of officiating.

    USC is stinking it up against Iowa. I hate it when SEC teams get beat by Big 10 teams.

  19. I “heard” Tech was going to be 3-9 this year. :)Despite last night, I’m pleased that we seem to be on an upswing.

    JJ was impressive last night. I look forward to seeing his career develop. He took charge of the game and delivered.

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