Nov 252008

AZn8tive tagged me for “7 random/weird things about myself,” as well as the fourth photograph from my fourth folder of photographs.  I am pleased to comply with the wishes of a stimulating fellow blogger:

  1. I have never seen a James Bond movie from start to finish.  I’ve watched pieces of probably two-thirds of them, but they’ve never engaged me at all.
  2. I had a pet piranha for eight years.  His name was Stan.
  3. I still miss the car business sometimes.  I made $800 in 30 minutes once.  ‘Course, I also made $800 in December 1993.  Highest of highs; lowest of lows.
  4. The most unexpectedly pleasant place I have ever traveled is Cleveland.  The most unexpectedly unpleasant place I have ever traveled is San Jose.
  5. I did not smoke marijuana until I was 25 years old, and only did so then with a trusted friend to satisfy my intellectual curiosity.  She and I discovered that I am among a small percentage of the population who reacts to it psychotically.  I went to a black, paralyzing, hallucinatory place for about 15 minutes, and have never been more terrified in my life.  I came out of it right before my friend called 911.
  6. I once drove a Z28 to an indicated 147 mph.  When I happen back by the stretch of road where I did it, I note how little room for error is present and am aghast at the depth of my stupidity.  Thank God Charles Darwin sleeps late some mornings.
  7. I have seen Cheap Trick 14 times.  Charles and I can be seen in the audience on Silver, the DVD set of their 25th anniversary concert in Rockford, Illinois, in August 1999.

Here is the fourth photograph from my fourth folder of photographs:

I don’t usually tag folks, but feel free to boost.  Let me know if you do.

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  15 Responses to “Seven things from AZn8tive”

  1. Maybe shrooms would be more up your ally, Bo. I only smoked weed on three occasions before giving up. I just giggled like an idiot then fell asleep. Hell, if I want to go to bed, I’ll just go to bed.

  2. BTW, I watched all of Casino Royale and enjoyed it, but that’s the first Bond movie I’ve liked. Daniel Craig is smokin’ HOT!

  3. I’ve seen precisely two Bond films all the way through – Casino Royale (which I enjoyed far more than I was expecting to) and Tomorrow Never Dies which clearly didn’t make an impression on me because I can’t remember a single detail about the plot.

    Mr. Chili and I were doing a buck twenty-five down the highway once when his Corrado was still in tip-top, super-charger shape. He was responding to a dickhead challenge from some moron in an Intrepid. Seriously, the Dodge never stood a chance. Our exit came up mighty fast at that speed, I can tell you that for sure.

  4. Cheryl: I’m not looking for just the perfect illegal drug for me, but thanks. 🙂

  5. Legal, smeagal. The war on drugs is the most ridiculous waste of resources and money ever conceived of. Richard Nixon was quoted as saying, “We need to so something about the blacks.” Hence the war on drugs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condoning drug use, but if you want to altar your reality in your own home it should be your right. Why marijuana should be illegal and alcohol not is beyond me. Nobody every smokes a joint then gets up off the couch to beat the crap out of his wife and kids. Drunks do it all the time.
    On the other hand, laws prohibiting people from driving while intoxicated are absolutely necessary. Freedom ends when your actions endanger others.
    Sorry to go off, but I’m sick of hipocrisy from law-makers. If we want to have a true ‘Nanny State’ then outlaw alcohol and cigarettes. Then issue us some perfectly nutritionally balanced low-sodium, non-fat food cakes that are rationed according to our height, weight, and age so none of us are obese. While I wear my seatbelt, I wasn’t happy when SC made it a law to do so.

  6. Much common ground, you and I. Quoting my presidential platform:

    * Supports immediate release of all incarcerated non-violent drug offenders.
    * Supports legalization of marijuana.
    * Supports some limited decriminalization of other illegal drugs.

    In the meantime, until such a day should come to pass, there are certain practical realities to which I must conform, including leaving no ambiguity whatsoever about saying “I am not a user of illegal drugs.” 🙂

  7. Over the last two years, as a result of my involvement in the local MMA scene, let me unequivocally state that the myth of the non-violent marijauna user is complete and total BS. Some of the most hard core violent MFer’s I’ve ever met are daily pot smokers.

    Folks want to smoke weed, that’s fine with me. Drive with THC in your system, the DUI laws should be just as strict. I don’t care if it’s been 3 hours or 30 days since you last lit up.

  8. At the risk of starting something – which is NOT my intent – may I ask you a question, Lee?

    Were those hard core violent MFer’s hard core and violent BECAUSE of the weed?

  9. nhfalcon…beats me. But to cut you off at the pass, i’ve known quite a few mean drunks in my day. Almost without fail they were all mean SOB’s when they were sober as well. Point is,
    if you’re prone to violence and physically abusing the folks around you, toking up ain’t gonna change that fact. Oddly enough, I’ve never met an ecstacy user who was confrontational. Maybe those should be legal?

  10. To be clear: when I say “non-violent drug offender,” I mean someone who’s in jail for a drug-related offense that involved no violence.

  11. Agreed, Bo. My ONLY drug is alcohol now, but I don’t judge anyone who chooses to chill out with another mind-altering substance.

    Lee, all drugs should be legalized. If you remove the illegality, you also remove the great sums of money to be made from selling it and all the violence that surrounds it. Crap, tax it!

    Are you suggesting, Lee, that we test the blood of everyone who is pulled over for a traffic violation and convict them of DWI if there is a trace of THC in their blood? Even if they are not impaired? Let’s run some tests on their liver and see if maybe they are a chronic drinker. Oh… don’t forget about checking their blood sugar to see if it’s low. I might sound like an absurd alarmist, but don’t be surprised if it comes about

    I have observed some recent experiences that have made me very angry about the laws that our “Federal” government has enacted that infringe on our basic rights. You would be appalled by the intrusion on states’ Constitutionally granted rights. And don’t get me started about mandatory minimum sentencing. The legislative branch of the government has usurped the power of the judicial branch! Federal judges can no longer consider circumstances, but are required to give a minimum sentence. The vague Interstate Commerce Clause is used to indict a plethora of offenses now. Do you want to send grandma a cute picture of your kids in the bathtub? Careful! That can be misconstrued as child porn, and if you burn the picture to disk you will be charged under Title 18. If the disk you used was made in another state, or China, they will use the ICC to put you in jail. You might say to yourself, “I don’t care what laws they make, I don’t break the law.” Are you sure? How do you know what they consider illegal now?

  12. BTW, Bo- I figured I was preaching to the choir earlier. You’re one of the most level-headed individuals I know.

  13. Cheryl: Thanks. I try.

  14. Chery..and if you mail that CD it’s Mail Fraud too. Maybe the Obama administration will curb the abuse of the Interstate Commerce Clause but I won’t hold my breath on it.

  15. Cheryl…I’m not so sure I want my child having ready access to meth. Not at her current age of 19 and most definitely not at say 14, 15 or 16 when peer pressures are strongest to rebel against everything and experiment with boundaries. It’s shockingly simple to severely fck up your entire life when you’re 16 years old. A major portion of successful child rearing is just keeping them alive and away from drugs through their teen years. Turning every 7/11 into a drug store certainly won’t make it any easier.

    THC is readily detectable in urine. An individuals right to engage in the mind altering activity of their choice ends where my right to drive on highways free from drug addled drivers begins. If you’re in an accident or stopped for a traffic violation and the officer suspects drug impairment, i’m all for mandatory testing. Of course, I’ve been in the military and I’ve worked on government contracts. I’m use to having to meet the criteria of being drug free in order to participate in those activites. Driving is no different.

    Obviously I think its ridiculous to lock folks up for marijuana infractions. I have no problem fining the crap out of them though if their behaviour/activities in any way endanger somebody else.

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