Nov 252008

AZn8tive tagged me for “7 random/weird things about myself,” as well as the fourth photograph from my fourth folder of photographs.  I am pleased to comply with the wishes of a stimulating fellow blogger:

  1. I have never seen a James Bond movie from start to finish.  I’ve watched pieces of probably two-thirds of them, but they’ve never engaged me at all.
  2. I had a pet piranha for eight years.  His name was Stan.
  3. I still miss the car business sometimes.  I made $800 in 30 minutes once.  ‘Course, I also made $800 in December 1993.  Highest of highs; lowest of lows.
  4. The most unexpectedly pleasant place I have ever traveled is Cleveland.  The most unexpectedly unpleasant place I have ever traveled is San Jose.
  5. I did not smoke marijuana until I was 25 years old, and only did so then with a trusted friend to satisfy my intellectual curiosity.  She and I discovered that I am among a small percentage of the population who reacts to it psychotically.  I went to a black, paralyzing, hallucinatory place for about 15 minutes, and have never been more terrified in my life.  I came out of it right before my friend called 911.
  6. I once drove a Z28 to an indicated 147 mph.  When I happen back by the stretch of road where I did it, I note how little room for error is present and am aghast at the depth of my stupidity.  Thank God Charles Darwin sleeps late some mornings.
  7. I have seen Cheap Trick 14 times.  Charles and I can be seen in the audience on Silver, the DVD set of their 25th anniversary concert in Rockford, Illinois, in August 1999.

Here is the fourth photograph from my fourth folder of photographs:

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Nov 242008

How is your civics knowledge?

By and large, our collective (American) civics knowledge sucks, to the tune of 49% correct on the 2008 version of the basic civics quiz published by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

Click here to take the quiz.  There are 33 questions, and the whole thing will probably take you eight to ten minutes.  Take it closed book.

If you’re so inclined, come back and share your score (be honest!).  I got 28 out of 33 correct, or 84.85%.  I’ll accept that with minimal grousing, I suppose.  If some interesting discussion develops, I’ll share which ones I missed.

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Nov 242008

Maybe it’s time to park the little car and start driving the 5.4L V8 half-ton crew-cab pickup again.  Heh.

This was Costco today.  I filled the Versa up for $15.50:

How low can you go?  How low can you go?

Now can you hand-jive, baby?

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Nov 232008

Citing a need to prevent catastrophic damage to the U.S. economy, Congress today announced a plan to bail out petroleum and energy services giant ExxonMobil.

“The severe decline in gasoline demand and accompanying drop in price has placed tremendous strain on ExxonMobil,” spokesman Benjamin Dover said Sunday.  “If we are to continue delivering quarterly profits in the $15 billion range to our shareholders, we must have this assistance.”

Gas prices averaged $1.97 nationally on Sunday.  It is the lowest average gasoline price since March 2005.

The proposal before Congress would levy a $.75 “countryman’s fee” on each gallon of gasoline sold.  President Bush, who late last week called supporting oil companies “patriotic,” is expected to sign the emergency measure into law immediately.

When finally reached for comment late Sunday evening, President-elect Obama was audaciously hopeful that he could sign an executive order early in his administration to instead use the money to increase the percentage of the population paying no federal income tax whatsoever to 55% from the 48% it is today, and if enough is left over, to look into all of that windmill and solar panel shit.

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Nov 232008
  • Penn State (11-1) has won the Big Ten and earned a Rose Bowl berth.  Joe Paterno has announced that he will return in 2009 for his 60th season coaching Penn State football, and his 44th season as the head coach.  Who can argue?
  • I should have spoken up and looked like a genius.  I didn’t think it’d be quite so bad, but I had a feeling Oklahoma was going to beat Texas Tech by three or four touchdowns, anyway.  It was faint—fainter than it’s ever been—but there was still an unmistakable whiff of Doesn’t Belong on the Red Raiders.
  • Incidentally, I’m not scared of any of those Big 12 teams.  None of them play a lick of defense.  They’re all horsepower and no torque.  Florida is as stiff a test as anyone in the country right now, and should Alabama win the SEC, I’ll be feeling mighty fine about the Tide’s chances to win the BCS title.
  • (Of course, after we restore the natural order of the universe this weekend.)  Come on up, O noble Plainsmen.  Let’s have us a little talk.  Over here—behind the woodshed.
  • My best friend’s beloved Yellow Jackets will win the Coastal title if Virginia beats Virginia Tech next week.  Go Cavs!
  • Dennis Franchione is interested in the Kansas State job.  I’ll bet you are, buddy.  Good luck with that.  Let us know how that turns out.
  • You know that cinematic cliché in which the bad guy is about to fall off the cliff/out the window/over the side of the helicopter/whatever, and he reaches up and gets a claw into the good guy to drag him with him, and there are a few seconds of tension before the good guy (inevitably) escapes, and the bad guy plunges to his death?  Well, it seems Greg Robinson grabbed Charlie Weis on his way over the cliff edge yesterday, and I doubt Weis is going to escape.  Good riddance.  I think that guy generates more arrogance from less talent than any other coach I’ve ever seen.
  • Les Miles should have taken the Michigan job.
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