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Clearly the first order of business for some significant part of the smarting Republican machine is to try to tag Sarah Palin with as much blame as will stick and throw her in the Bering Sea.

(Perhaps the ringleaders of this effort are the same bunch of yahoos who so badly botched her rollout, and they’re looking to destroy the evidence.)

Michelle Malkin has a good piece on it today.

Some of the causes of the Republican defeat are easy to understand.  Some are complex.  Palin is on neither list.  My perception so far is that most of those so eager to write her political obituary are either a) the malcontents referenced above; or b) lefties who are scared to death of her and want that stake in her heart right now.

Those in category a):  if you possess an inkling of a self-preservation instinct, you’ll cool your jets.

Sarah Palin is a star—a big star—and she’s going to be around.  Team Sarah seems like a good place to keep up with her.  If you’re interested in said keeping up, join here.

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  9 Responses to “Let’s destroy Sarah Palin”

  1. Bo, really, Honey; I’m not being facetious or sarcastic here – I DO NOT GET the appeal. I must be missing something huge, because your admiration for this women has me completely stumped (and my admiration for YOU demands that I try to figure this out). Help me understand, please, because we’re waving at each other from across a very deep, very wide chasm on this one….

  2. Mrs. Chili: You know, the number one thing for me and Palin is rather visceral. It’s simply that she’s real. She’s risen to national prominence without being a product of the Washington machine, and that’s just nearly fucking impossible anymore. She is waaaaaaaay closer to what our founders envisioned a politician being than what a politician generally is today.

    We’re not a total love connection on the issues, she and I. I’m going to be left of her, and in some cases hugely left of her, on social policy right down the line. But we synchronize nicely on economy/taxes, on energy policy, and on general “right-sizedness” of the government, and those things are tons more important to me in federal government officials than are social issues.

    Incidentally, I think the “diva” charges that are flying around are absolutely ludicrous. Some lone voice piped up today in her defense and said “I never saw her ask for a single thing but a diet soda.” (Or similar.) I’ll buy that.

  3. She seems to be doing quite a good job of standing up for herself. Would that I had that level of self-confidence.

  4. She can skin a moose and run a trot-line, and a country girl can survive…

  5. I’m with mrschili, I don’t get it. On the other hand, I don’t get being wound up over “celebrities” at any time. That includes Mr. Obama. Mr. Obama had my vote (being the Dem) nominee all along, and Mrs. Clinton would have been in the same position. I am not a registered Democrat, I just could not vote for a Republican after the last 8 years of utterly failed policies (and the GOP didn’t help their faint hope with me by nominating Mr. McSame–you can put lipstick on a pig, and call a “me too” political hack a “maverick,” but I, and apparently many others, have gotten past this eyewash).

    Ms. Palin will fade into obscurity, or not, and it hardly matters, as far as I’m concerned.

  6. I agree, Mrs. Chili. I don’t get that feeling of ‘realness’ about her either. I get a sense of ‘fakeness’ instead. She reminds me of Hillary in that regard, although on a lesser scale. As far as her rising to national prominence, that’s only because she was chosen as McCain’s running mate. Were it not for that she would still be living in relative obscurity. Personally, I don’t give a crap who the governor of your state is, it affects me not at all. I suspect most people feel that way.

    “…a country girl can survive…” That gave me a laugh, Bob. 🙂

  7. I found her very real. She busted up the good-ole boy network in Alaska and rose to the top position in her state. That’s not very easy to do, she had to have some real talent. She was also pretty good handling her state’s natural resources and the state’s budget. She enjoyed a 80% approval rating before coming on the national scene. Yes she rose to national prominence only after being McCain’s running mate but then you could also say that Obama only gained national prominence because of one speach. He certainly hadn’t distinguish himself as a Senator.

    I think the Democrat activists were pretty effective at smearing her. I don’t think she deserved it but she handled it pretty damn well. In the end it was Biden who was in hiding and not her. I think she’s learned a lot from this experience and will be even better the next time around.

    Palin/Jindal 2012!

  8. *Shudder* The Dems did a pretty good job of smearing her, yes, but the Republicans are the ones slinging the mud now. It’s the American way– find somebody to blame, but don’t look in the mirror.

  9. I dunno… I’m pretty darn conservative and I don’t think I could really get behind Palin. She’s okay. I didn’t hate her. I think she took a lot of unnecessary and undeserved crap from detractors on both sides of the fence. I don’t think she lost the election for McCain. Still, I’m not jumping on her band wagon for 2012.

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