Nov 282008


You may have heard there’s a football game in Alabama tomorrow.

The annual gridiron meeting between the University of Alabama and Auburn University is known as the Iron Bowl, because for many years it was played exclusively with a 50-50 ticket split at Legion Field in Birmingham, a city built around large iron ore deposits.  It’s been a regular home-home game for a decade now, but the name remains.

The Iron Bowl is the fiercest rivalry in sports.  (It’s so adorable when someone claims some other rivalry is.)  The last time I watched Alabama win one, I was sitting in one of those godawful vinyl sleeper chairs in a room at Huntsville Hospital, with my not-quite-two-day-old son Nathan asleep on my chest.

Nathan had his seventh birthday two weeks ago.

We could be the 7-4 or 8-3 I thought we’d be at this point, or even well under expectations, and ending Auburn’s winning streak would be a big deal.  Instead, we’re 11-0, #1, and in full control of our own destiny for the national title.  So it’s a huge deal.

Alabama’s done a good job of playing one game at a time, and here’s hoping that continues tomorrow.  Of course I don’t want to lose to Florida, nor do I want to lose our bowl game, particularly if it’s the BCS title game.  But the Auburn streak must end, and if we’re 12-0 this time tomorrow night, I’ll pronounce it a great year no matter what else happens.

We’re not supposed to be here yet, and we are.  And that rocks.

Roll Tide!

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  10 Responses to “Iron Bowl 2008”

  1. The Clemson-SC rivalry is the 3rd longest consecutive in the nation. It started in the 1890s and this year marks 100 straight games. It may not matter much on a national scale, but it’a a big deal and it’s fierce.

    Aren’t I adorable? 🙂

  2. Cheryl: Quite, though it has nothing to do with your comment. 🙂

  3. You, me, and Charles all won our rivalry games. It’s a glorious day!
    Although your win was impressive, Bo, I have to give Charles the nod for the best win. That had to feel good. But I’m sorry about the Va. Tech win, Charles. It was a toss-up who would get to the ACCCG this year. Everybody had a chance but us, NC State, and the Dukies.

  4. What a freakin beatdown! Who’s your daddy, baby?!?! Roll tide roll!

  5. Cheryl: Thanks, and congratulations to you too. The Georgia Tech win was indeed the most “complete” in terms of a rivalry game in that it was the end of a lot of misery and it provided the emotional adrenaline of remaining uncertain to the end.

    Jenny: Roll Tide. The natural order of the universe has been restored.

  6. The Gators chomped the Seminoles. Not the oldest rivalry by any means, but one worthy of note.

    Of course, now a battle of the “titans” (no reference to boring NFL football intended). I, of course, will be pulling for the Gators, but my interest in football, my “fan-dom” is a bit lukewarm by the standards of some. I really believe teams should play “somebody” every week if at all possible. No damn Citadels and such (does ‘Bama have some patsies they play, too?). Of course, that will happen about the same time as a Division I playoff (or whatever alphabet soup refers to the former Division I now).

    So, Let’s assume ‘Bama will go to the tile game if they beat Florida. That’s pretty much a given. I’m okay with that. Let’s assume Florida goes if they beat ‘Bama (not a given, but likely). I say (to my fellow Gator fans), if you can’t win the games along the way, especially the big one, you didn’t belong in the title game, so suck it up and say “wait for next year.” Will I be disappointed? I think that’s too strong a term. I save such feelings for the folks I love and their victories and defeats (and even sadder events).

    But, to make it interesting, I’ll make a wager with you (if you want). In accorance with a bet I saw made on the TV show “The Mentalist.” I’ll bet you $.35 that the Gators win. How’s that? You in?

  7. Thanks Cheryl and Bo. I’ll take the title for “best win”. It sure feels good. It was probably too much to ask for having UVA beat VPI. Relying on an ACC team to beat the ACC team you want to be beaten is kind of like relying on your ACC team to be the other ACC team this year. Now, having an ACC team beat an SEC not named Alabama or Florida, that’s another story. 😉

    Rivalries are no more or less fierce depending on where you happen to live. Guess that makes me adorable too! 😉

  8. Hey, we will give you one every seven years just to keep you coming back. No really, it has been Alabama’s year this year. I think they have surpassed most fans wildest dreams. As long as an SEC team wins the MNC, I will be satisfied.

    Both of my Tigers took it on the chin this week. I had to endure the other one while actually being in Little Rock sitting in the rain in War Memorial Stadium. Thank goodness for my 3rd school, Southern Miss.

  9. Gerry: Sure. What, are we gonna PayPal that? 🙂

    Charles: Sorry CBS, or WHNT, or whoever the hell did it screwed you on the end. That was weird.

    BB_FAN: Yes, I’m delighted, and I’m with you for the BCS title. If we lose next week, I’ll definitely be a Gator for the title game.

  10. Aw, heck. I haven’t done a lick of Christmas shopping yet.

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