Oct 022008
  • Work shredded me today.  My lovely wife excused me from soccer practice in exchange for preparing a (very simple) dinner.  It was exactly what I needed, and quite thoughtful.  Thank you, Lea.
  • Steve Fossett’s airplane was found this week, smashed into the side of a mountain at a hundred and something miles an hour.  The NTSB describes the scene as “a high-impact crash which appears to be consistent with a nonsurvivable accident,” which is “an obnoxious euphemism which appears to be consistent with a federal bureaucracy.”
  • I’ve noticed that the sideline reporter babes at college football games consistently wear clothing with low necklines, and when it’s too cold for that, they wear tight sweaters.  Is anyone all spun up about this?  Shouldn’t there be a lawsuit or something?  I, for one, am well and truly appalled.  (Sigh.  Once there was Jill Arrington, and now there’s everyone else.)
  • Remember ’70s shampoo weirdness?  Faberge Organics (“and they told two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on”)?  Body on Tap (with “one-third real beer”?!)?  “Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific”?
  • Are you concerned that you might be a pack rat?  Ever felt like complaining to your significant other about such perceived tendencies?  Y’all are probably fine.  Check this out.
  • Nathan lost the second of his proverbial two front teeth about an hour ago.  I’m in charge of the final extraction (if requested), and Lea’s in charge of the dentum-for-wampum swap.  (Said “wampum” in this case is a Bicentennial silver dollar, courtesy his dearly departed great grandmother.)
  • You know the Taco Bell Volcano Taco commercial with “Disco Inferno” by The Trammps?  Every time it comes on, I enjoy the fact that they worked the lyric “burn the mother down” into it twice.
  • I’ve occupied some territory on both sides of the issue, but I believe I’ve come down on the side of “no federal bailout of any kind.”  Fall hard now, or fall harder later.

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  6 Responses to “Thursday miscellanea #8”

  1. I, too, am concerned that our wildly-out-of-whack economy needs to take some foul-tasting medicine with serious side effects to avoid having to take some worse-tasting medicine with dire side effects later. But what do I know?

  2. Unfortunately, government interference in the mortgage market has created a market imbalance so huge that only government has the capital to intercede. While it’s true that if left alone, a free market will eventually correct imbalances by itself, in this case the damage to the over all market would be so huge that it would takes many years to clear.

    The lesson to be learned from this fiasco is to keep government out of the markets in the first place. To make matters worse, I fully expect government to make a sizable profit cleaning up the mess it created. Not a positive precedent.

  3. Lee, I really do hear what you’re saying, but when does it stop? Do you believe we can put off a return to sanity forever?

    And now Fannie Mae is incentivizing suicide attempts. Probably take me a day or two to decide how I feel about that.

  4. If “I” were in charge, this mess would be the last mess created by Government’s intrusion into free markets although I think I disagree with your premise that we are somehow not “returning to sanity” by intervening in this case. To use the popular analogy Obama and McCain are using, (or is it metaphor? – I wish I had paid more attention in high school!) Government started this fire. One course of action is to let the house burn to the ground. A second is to let Government put the fire out, and then take away their matches. We just have to figure out a way to take away the matches!

  5. Well, we’re saying the same thing “(taking) away the matches.”

    I guess I’m wondering if you can get government out of it without a crash. I’m doubtful.

  6. I keep hearing those favoring the (now enacted as law) bail out of Wall Street say that the taxpayers may recoup some or all of the money on the “assets” being purchased. Nobody ever asks, publicly, “then why don’t the folks who have those assets now hold on to them and reap those upcoming rewards?”

    Why don’t they? P.S. who is going to set the price for the junk we, the taxpayers, are buying?

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