Sep 172008

I had lunch with Lea today.  It’s relatively easy now that Aaron’s in preschool three days a week, and we don’t do it enough.  I’d like to nudge the frequency up to twice a month or so.

We ate at P.F. Chang’s.  (That’s a whole new restaurant for me, now that I know to stay away from the lunch bowls.)  It was marvelous to have her to myself for an hour.  We talked about grown-up stuff and enjoyed our meals.

After lunch, we stood on the sidewalk and chatted for a bit, holding hands.  The early autumn sun, its shifting angle only just becoming obvious, cast an ethereal glow upon her face and hair.  And just before I returned to work, we had a great kiss.  Now I didn’t rape her face—we’re not tonsil-swabbing-in-public sorts of folks—but I did kiss her a skoche longer than a typical goodbye.

She’s such a babe.  And she’s mine.

Driving back to work with a big grin, it occurred to me that our first date, almost 14 years ago, had been right across the street at West End Grill.  It’s shouting distance, really (well, at 3 in the morning, maybe—”across the street” is “across Research Park Boulevard,” which is a four-lane thoroughfare).  The pitter-pat I experienced today on the sidewalk at our newest Peoplequarium is exactly the same buzz I had that October day in 1994.  What a blessing to feel it still!

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  5 Responses to “The buzz is the same”

  1. Awwwwww, that is really sweet Bo. 🙂

  2. Awwwwwwwwwww … squish.


  3. *grin!* I love that OTHER people are happy in their marriages, too. I’d hate to be the only one..

  4. That’s great! Not only for you two but you’re setting a great example for your children too. Parents that love each other are too scarce nowadays.

  5. Thanks, all. We’re definitely blessed.

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