Sep 022008

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  3 Responses to “Sometimes things go really wrong really quickly”

  1. Oh, GOD, but I’ve had days like that!

  2. sucks that it is photoshopped, but the humor is still there 🙂

  3. Several years ago there was a bakery here that went out of business and sold all of their equipment. I was driving past when a pickup truck filled with commercial baker’s racks pulled out in front of me. It was like I had an audible voice inside my head saying, “Boy, it sure would suck if that guy doesn’t have those tied down the right way.” I immediately started slowing down. I had just managed to get a decent gap between our vehicles when the first baker’s rack hit the pavement. After I realized I had avoided being hit by a flying rack or hitting debris on the road, it was almost amusing to watch. It was like watching really big dominos topple. I know it lasted only seconds but it had that weird slo-mo quality to it, too.

    Anyway, this picture reminded me of that incident. Sometimes, a few feet can make a lot of difference on just how bad your day is going to be!

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