Sep 202008

Aaron:  “Daddy, we’re going to have a band tonight!  You know, with instruments?”

Bo:  “Cool!  What is an instrument?”

Aaron:  “It’s something that you play!”

Bo:  “Uh-huh.  What are some musical instruments you know?”

Aaron:  “There’s the accordion…”

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  6 Responses to “Not sure what to make of this”

  1. Roll out
    the barrel
    We’ll have
    a barrel
    of fun.

  2. Here are some possibilities:

    His kindergarten teacher is Austrian.

    His kindergarten teacher is a pirate.

    He’s been secretly watching old Lawrence Welk reruns when you’re not looking.

    He aspires to a life as a subway performer.

  3. Or maybe there is an Easter Egg in the KISSOLOGY videos he found.

  4. He appreciates Cajun musical traditions.

  5. LOL! Cajunvegan, we should get his brother a washboard.

  6. You know, my great grandmother owned (and played once upon a time, I assume) a beautiful accordion that I’d guess burned in my mother and sister’s house fire in 1993. I have great memories of my dad and I playing it–me pecking out the melody on the keyboard, and him working the bellows and the harmony. I’d say I was 8, maybe?

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