Jul 292008

I laughed deeply and enjoyably, though I can’t say I disagree with her interjective assessment of him at the end.

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  5 Responses to “The wife, the pistol, and the husband who didn’t have sex for two months”

  1. When he said he was going to get revenge, “as any husband SHOULD,” I was cracking up. Probably because my husband might be muttering that any given weekend.

  2. I came to visit you because of your guest post at Chili’s. This is hilarious! I think I would be just as mad about him getting my goofy faces on tape as I would the dirty trick he pulled.

  3. for at least two months

    Thanks for the laugh.

  4. I take gun safety VERY seriously.

    However, I had to suspend my seriosity for a moment and laugh hysterically at this video.

    Thank you.

  5. Zeno: Me too, and moreover, I don’t sanction what this guy did to his wife. For one thing, if he’s been going over gun safety with her for 30 minutes, he shouldn’t have had to tell her not to touch it. You can teach an adult who is completely ignorant of the topic how to safely handle a firearm in five.

    But damn, was it funny.

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