Jul 302008

Somebody forwarded me some “vital” information today that described, in some detail, how Barack Obama snubbed U.S. troops in Afghanistan recently. (Here is the snopes.com debunking.)

Also, did you know that ABC News is deliberately suppressing coverage of our troops who support John McCain? Except they’re not. (Here is the snopes.com debunking.)

Folks, dig: there is plenty of ridiculous crap coming out of these yahoos’ mouths that is easily verifiable. Both of these guys are reliably comical. Please, let’s stick with stuff we know (I mean really know). Don’t send me some forwarded email just because it fits your notion of what sort of jackass one or the other of these guys is.

I’m not a recognized urban folklore expert, but I have been following the topic with some interest since 1995. Believe this: The more something romps all over your buttons—the larger the urge you have to send it to 500 of your closest friends—the more likely it is that you’re being had. If you’ve just got to send it right now, it’s probably horseshit. Please go to snopes.com and check it out before you click Send.

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  One Response to “Obama dons combat boots, stomps baby bunny rabbits to death”

  1. You sure it wasn’t kittens and puppies the Big-eared Barack pummeled with his feet?

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