Jul 122008

Nathan, Dad, Mark, and I made the trip to the Nashville Superspeedway today and had a large time, despite the weather.  We got totally drenched about 4:00, and another thunderstorm shortened the race, but we had a lot of fun in between.  Everybody said, at one time or another during the outing, that this should be the start of something.  Hey, I’d love that.  I just hope Nashville is on the 2009 IRL schedule.

It’s a marvelous facility, and the competition was excellent.  Danica had a strong car, and was one of four or five drivers with a good chance to win.  She ultimately finished fifth.

I didn’t take my good camera because I didn’t want to babysit it, so I made these with my go-anywhere.  They’re not great, but they’re real.

Danica at the driver introductions:

Running second and charging hard on Helio Castroneves:

The best solo shot I got:

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  6 Responses to “Firestone Indy 200”

  1. While I can’t BEAR to watch racing on t.v. (it’s boring as hell and the atrocious grammar of the announcers forces me into nervous tremors), I can imagine that in-person racing is exciting. I’m glad you had a good time.

  2. They actually do a pretty good job with the IndyCar races on TV. They’re all in HD this year, for one thing. There are enough cameras doing enough different things to allow you to see most of the action, and the ABC/ESPN team is pretty good. Plus, when they run commercials they do so side-by-side with the race, so you don’t miss anything.

    But you’re right, it’s a kick to be there. I’ve been to several NASCAR races over the years, but this was my first IndyCar race (indeed, my first open-wheel race). It won’t be my last.

  3. Danica – SUH WHEAT!

    I like Formula One racing and thusly prefer Indy to NASCAR. I’m pretty sure my wife likes both types equally, but only because of the wreckage. She’s a closet sadist.

  4. I’ve not yet made any serious effort to get into F1, though I may sometime. Indy’s enough for me right now. One of the only people I ever knew who was a big F1 fan was really snobbish about it, and I don’t want to turn into him. 🙂

  5. I think my boy(s) would absolutely love the races. Me, I’m more into the ponies than the cars…

  6. I don’t know enough about any kind of racing to be a snob about the various vroom sports. I must say that the wrecks in NASCAR, Indy, and F1 are all equally enjoyable!

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