Jul 182008

Yeah, I, uh, really don’t have a good explanation for this:

For the benefit of anyone who hasn’t risen and fallen on my every word for the past two and a half years:  in March 2006, a reformulated Diet Mountain Dew hit store shelves, and I declared war on PepsiCo with NewDietDewIsYucky.com.  The old Diet Mountain Dew had been my constant companion—to the tune of an estimated 5,400 gallons consumed and $20,000 spent—and I was really upset about losing it.  It was my own personal new Coke fiasco.

So it was for Jeremy as well, who maintained fightforflavor.com and a petition that eventually received over 2,000 signatures.  Our fight for old Diet Dew is how we became buds, actually.   Each of us had regular contact with several PepsiCo employees during the fight.  There were radio show appearances, newspaper articles, and even Wall Street Journal interviews.

Alas, we were pissing into a hurricane.  The editor of Beverage Digest shared some early sales data with me that strongly indicated PepsiCo had done the right thing in reformulating the drink.  So we put down our arms, resigned to our fates.

So I was turning the crank pretty hard at work on Wednesday and wishing I had a real Diet Mountain Dew, and decided to get a new one as the closest available alternative.  It went down well.  So did the next one.  So did the next eight or nine after that, on through the end of today.  What does it mean?

Well, I’m not sure.  I retain serious doubts about new Diet Dew’s long-term drinkability, which was the old formula’s killer feature, so don’t count me back in baby’s arms just yet.

She’s definitely spent the night, though, and I even bought breakfast.

Jeremy, I feel disloyal.  I apologize.

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  4 Responses to “Dancing with my changed mistress”

  1. I honestly didn’t know anyone actually drank that stuff. Then, again, some people eat peanut butter and pickle sandwiches.

    One of my younger brothers sees conspiracies. He says “New Coke” was not a dismal failure, but a resounding success. Coca Cola wanted to stop using (expensive) cane sugar in Coke, but, being concerned about a revolt, they invented “New Coke,” knowing no one would like it, then, “persuaded” by popular demand they gave the world “Coke Classic,” sweetened with much cheaper high fructose corn syrup. Instant profit boost (since, of course, they didn’t lower their prices).

    Me, I have no idea.

  2. Don’t worry about it too much, Bo. I’ve had a can of the new stuff here and there over probably the last year. But I couldn’t down can after can of it like I could with the old stuff. Perhaps just as well since I’m in the middle of another stint of kicking the soda habit.

  3. Gerry: One of my all-time favorite business quotes was uttered in response to this charge (new Coke being a conspiracy so they could introduce the corn syrup stuff without a flap). Coca-Cola president Donald Keough: “We’re not that dumb, and we’re not that smart.”

    I think it really was a spectacular gaffe, not a plot.

    Jeremy: Yeah, the “down can after can” factor is what I suspect I’ll ultimately find lacking in this little fling. Still, I did do 200 oz. in two and half days. That’s about two-thirds my old consumption rate. Small sampling, but interesting data nonetheless.

    And I’m glad we can still be friends. 🙂

  4. JEEZUZ, Dude! What’s your blood pressure after all that caffeine?!

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