Jun 162008

OK, shit, is this almost over? Please?

Melanie was available for an impromptu lunch today, and I wasn’t in the mood for Vietnamese, so she suggested Lone Star. Yeah, that sounds good.

Ah, but: no tomatoes on the Signature Lettuce Wedge, and no tomato for the burger.

There are actually several varieties of tomatoes from several different locations that have not been implicated in the Salmonella outbreak, but apparently it’s too hard (or impossible) for restaurants to vet their respective supplies that finely. That, or no one can be bothered to work through the problem, so baby out with the bathwater.

I just asked Lea what she planted this spring, and Early Girl was one of the three or four varieties she named, so it won’t be long. I might have to start carrying a tomato and a knife with me.

I miss tomatoes.

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  10 Responses to “Tomatoes”

  1. This one isn’t bothering me as much as the spinach scare did. Tomatoes are one of my ‘weird’ foods – I only like them cooked anyway, so this ban isn’t affecting me at all….

  2. Yep. I do not eat raw tomatoes – can’t stand them. I love a good sauce; and I like them in salsa. And, why is this a big “scare?” Are we unable to wash tomatoes? Is the salmonella internal to the tomato?

  3. Yes, they’re saying it could be inside the tomato. Also, they’re even saying cooking won’t help, which just seems like fraidy-cat nonsense to me. Salmonella saintpaul may make you sick, but I’m sure it isn’t invulnerable to heat.

  4. You can’t really bitch too much Bo, you wouldn’t even put a picture of a real tomato on the blog. You used CGI.

  5. Heat kills salmonella that might get transfered from eggshell to the contents. So why not a tomato?

    I eat raw egg cookie dough, though. So, I am a rebel anyway.

  6. Did you know that genuine key lime pie contains raw eggs?

    I used to eat raw hamburger meat spread on saltine crackers. So did my dad. So did his dad. Never got sick. I probably ate 100 of them in my life.

    I’d do it now occasionally, but for all I know the meat is a lot more dangerous now than it used to be. Tough to separate the chaff from the wheat, with all of the incessant bleating about all of the things that can kill you. Is it real, or Chicken Little?

  7. There was a place in NOLA that served a Cannibal Burger. Basically seasoned raw ground beef. I would bet it is off the menu.

    Real Mousse and Caesar salad dressings are made with raw egg as well, and they are the best.

  8. Raw hamburger on saltines? Death bomb.

    I prefer my saltines with chocolate fudge on them. Yummy.

  9. I’d be more inclined to go for the chocolate fudge then the raw hamburger. However, I prefer butter on my saltines. Although, occasionally I’ll make a meal of saltines and bologna or saltines and braunschweiger.

  10. […] I know I bitched about the salmonella outbreak recently, but this is more about what they’re like anymore even when they are widely available.  So […]

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