May 052008

Here are some recent search terms (put into Google, Yahoo!, and so forth) that led someone to this blog:

all you can eat mullet gulf shores
Good luck.  I can’t ever get them to hold still enough when I’m getting that really good hairy part behind the ears.

otc red flag list sudafed
“Oh, you’d like to buy some Sudafed, wouldja?  Let’s just you drop them pants.  Just take ’em right off!”

what is the randomness
Mackerel, typewriter, cookie, “Remember the Maine!,” transubstantiation, and Nick Gilder.

how do you get permanent marker out of a baseball glove
Sulfuric acid.

who are the two-time oscar winners
Michael Caine, Bette Davis, Robert De Niro, and Carrot Top.

peggy noonan sex
Yeah, that was a joke.  I don’t really want to have sex with Peggy Noonan.  (Well, do you think you could talk her into cutoff jeans, a tube top, stiletto heels, and a whole bunch of drugstore perfume?)

i got on the giraffe carousel
Is that what you crazy kids are calling it these days?

us government should subsidize compact fluorescent light bulbs
Damned straight.  Also, they should subsidize allergy medication, parking validation, and those days when I’m just not feeling my best.

can’t come to the phone
Yeah, me either.  I’m riding the giraffe carousel.

i love the time i spend with you
Aw, that’s dear.  Remember, the restraining order specifies “at least 100 yards.”

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  5 Responses to “These roads lead to WmWms”

  1. Hahahahaha!

    See, this is one of the things (one of the ONLY things, but still…) that I miss about Blogger. WordPress’s dashboard just doesn’t give me all this cool, fun information. I’m still trying to figure StatCounter out…

  2. Mrs. Chili: You’ve got the power.

    After you’re logged into StatCounter, in the Statistics column on the left, click Recent Keyword Activity. Voila.

  3. That’s funny you posted this today. Yesterday I was thinking of sending you an email asking what are some of the funnies that were searched for lately. I guess you read my mind.

  4. Bo, when I go to Sitemeter and click on Recent Keyword Activity, this is all I get:

    Your log size of 500 has 500 entries. Increase your log size today!

    TIP magnify visitor Click the magnifying glass beside each user to get an in-depth, detailed report of that user!

    Date Time Name Query Landing Page

    Display URL not Title

    magnify visitor Click the magnifying glass beside each keyword to learn more about that visitor!
    How can the Recent Keyword Activity help me?

    This a great way to see up to the second how the latest visitors to your website are using the search engines to find your website, and then magnify them to see how they used your website.
    Why does the same search term appear again and again with the same ip address?

    This is how your visitors are using your website! They are clicking onto your website from a search engine result, then a little later they are doing it again and sometimes again and again. We track exactly what your visitors are doing don’t be suprised by some of their very strange behaviour. Learn from it!
    Choosing the Best Keywords

    Effective search engine optimization depends on choosing the best keywords and StatCounter recommends using WordTracker. You may also find their Keyword Research Guide useful.

    What am I doing wrong?

  5. I don’t know. I get that too, but under “Date Time Name Query Landing Page,” I get, well, dates, times, names, queries, and landing pages. Yours is just blank?

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