Apr 062008

Mrs. Chili came to church with us this morning ahead of another top-notch meal at ‘seester‘s, this one brunch. We gabbed and laughed. Meester ‘seester came home from a campout in time to enjoy some fellowship, as well. I’m glad that lined up. These visits are logistically dear and likely to be rare, so it’s lovely that everyone was able to meet everyone.

Finally, just short of 2 pm today, we got sunshine—the first Mrs. Chili had seen on her junket. So the three of us, Lea, and the boys went to the Huntsville Botanical Garden. Note the rays in the locks of my lovely Dark and Stormy colleagues:

This was the best of four shots (‘seester, if you don’t believe me I’ll show you the other ones).

Finally, the three of us sat and ate airport bar appetizers just outside security until it was time for Mrs. Chili to go home.

Part of me didn’t want the weekend to end. Another part of me remembers how deeply I miss my family when I’m away, and how much Mrs. Chili is looking forward to seeing hers. They were generous to loan us their queen. Wives and mommies are important people.

Thanks so much for a beautiful weekend, Mrs. Chili and Saintseester. I’ll cherish these memories always.

Finally, a word on Lea. She took on a lot this weekend to enable me to do what I wanted, and I appreciate it very much. Thank you, sweetheart. I love you.

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  5 Responses to ““We love the time, we spend with you, to share a song, and a laugh or two…””

  1. I look as if I have spied some free cupcakes off in the distance…

  2. They have free cupcakes in Alabama?

  3. Nobody said anything about CUPCAKES!

    Seriously y’all (like how I slipped that in there, all nice and casual-like?); I had an AMAZING TIME. The rotten weather wasn’t even a blip on my radar – if anything, it gave us more opportunities to just be together, and that’s what I was really after on this trip.

    I’m going to be high over this for a good long while. I treasure the time we got to spend together, and I’m so grateful to ALL of you (Lea, this means you, too) for clearing your schedules, opening up your homes and sharing your families. I feel well and truly loved.

  4. Sorry about the photography. Should have snapped a few more to be on the safe side…

    I enjoyed it immensely. I’m glad I got to come play some, too!

  5. Why hell, it wasn’t your fault. It’s not like you cut the tops of our heads off or anything.

    Mrs. Chili is only off on one of them. The rest of them were mine and ‘seester’s fault (this one, in which we’re both kind of meh, and one each in which one or the other of us owns all of the suck).

    There’s a great Photoshop job in it all.

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