Apr 252008

Last night I successfully reconnected with someone known to me only as a kindergarten classmate.  This is someone I haven’t seen since I was 4 years old.  Picked her out by a current photograph and a first name.

I’ve filled in some stuff for her—names of other classmates, playground features, games we used to play—and I think she has vague recollections.  But I’ve learned that almost no one remembers people and these kinds of details as well as I do.

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Apr 232008

The package sat in the foyer all evening one night last week, because I thought it was the replacement batteries for our iPods, and I wasn’t in the mood for close work.  But instead, it was a surprise.  Look what my cool friend Amy did for my birthday:

Isn’t that nifty?  It is, of course, occupying premium shelf space in my cave.  Sheesh, I Amazoned her for her birthday.  Need to do better.

I miss Amy.  She hired me into my first “real job” 14 years ago, and we were fast friends.  I used to call her the Queen of Smooth, because she’d bludgeon someone in a meeting and be walking away with everything she wanted, plus a couple of additional things she thought of during the melee, before her opponent even realized he’d been hit.

I love powerful women.

Yeah.  So.

I saw her fairly regularly until several years ago, when a mad scientist kidnapped her to a faraway land.

(OK, he’s an astronomer, and they got married and moved to Baltimore.  But still.)

Too long since I’ve seen her.  Need to see about getting together soon.

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Apr 222008

I guess we’d been in the house about two years when the dishwasher, whose brand rhymes with “bitchin’ fade,” first started acting up. The touch panel would periodically lose its mind. This button lit up that LED, and that one this one; START worked one day and not the next; it would insist on SANI RINSE, whatever the hell that is; and so forth. It never malfunctioned for long, though. If you wanted to run the dishwasher, you could play with it for a minute—push this, hold that, keep your mouth right—and get it started.

One weekend it got a lot worse, and we couldn’t make it work. I killed its circuit breaker overnight, and still nothing. So I went to repairclinic.com (which has my highest recommendation; awesome site) and poked around. The only electronics in the whole thing are in that touch panel, and there’s only one board to buy. Two minutes later, it’s on its way.

That evening, the dishwasher started working again. And I don’t mean it got back to its intermittent, worry-another-operation-out-of-it state; I mean it was working absolutely correctly. I’d scared it straight! Ha!

The board showed up. I probably could have returned it unopened, but I decided to keep it in inventory. I figured I’d sell it on eBay if the dishwasher left my life before I had a chance to use it. I left the board on my workbench for a week or so in case the problem recurred, and it didn’t. So I put it away.

The dishwasher worked perfectly for the next two years. Then, the gremlin returned and gradually worsened, to the point that I got the board down and planned to replace it the following morning. Again, it straightened up.

Moving this circuit board is like pointing the switch-bush out to a misbehaving child, apparently.

And now it’s doing it again. We’ve been putting up with a consistent CHILD LOCK activation during its wash cycle for about a year now (defeated easily enough). But now the erratica is back. I romanced it for five minutes this morning trying to get it started, gave up, and went to finish getting ready for work. When I returned to leave, Lea had it running.

So I’m thinking about getting the circuit board down again. But first, let’s see if the dishwasher knows I’m blogging about it. Maybe that’s enough.

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