Apr 062008

Grades for the weekend so far:

The weather: D

We had plans, almost none of which have worked out. The rain killed our after-lunch geocaching. Mrs. Chili was jazzed about seeing spring, and we haven’t had much of it to show her so far. She’s enjoying everything blooming, but she hasn’t seen a blue sky (or 60º!) since she’s been here. Should be better tomorrow.

The food: A
No missteps here. We kicked it off Friday night at ‘seester‘s with her delectable vegetable lasagna and Krispy Kreme bread pudding. Lunch Saturday was at Main Street Cafe, where we all enjoyed quiche and spinach salad, as well as memorable dessert. (There are photos, none of which I have, so I’ll wait for one of my partners in crime to do a bit of blogging on that.) And Lea did her killer pork tenderloin and cream cheese poundcake for dinner on Saturday.

The Innocent Man: F
That’s the Grisham nonfiction we read in Dark and Stormy for this month’s broadcast. The book sucked, and we did a sucky show to go with it! Ha! We had all sorts of mild-to-moderate difficulties, resulting in non-negligible stretches of questionable material. The cherry on top was the fact that the speakerphone cut in and out the whole time. We promise to blog unusually robustly about this title to compensate.

The company: A+
I’m enjoying the weekend immensely.

  • I’ve liked meeting Mrs. Chili’s brother-in-law, who serendipitously lives only a few miles from both Saintseester and me, and with whom she is staying. He’s smart, quick, and funny.
  • I’ve enjoyed growing closer to ‘seester. The sustained proximity has us with new inside jokes, and something much closer to young friendship than old acquaintanceship.
  • And oh, have I enjoyed Mrs. Chili. I expected to like her, but consider my expectations shattered. She is an engine of joy. You can’t not smile when you’re with her.

Church, then brunch, tomorrow, and maybe we’ll get our geocaching in.

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  5 Responses to “Mrs. Chili is here!”

  1. I agree with your grades, though I am inclined to be a little more generous about the weather. True, I’ve not seen blue sky yet and true, I’ve not been in the warm blush of spring, but it was snowing when I left New England. I’m delighted with the fact that it’s above 40 degrees. The weather gets a C in my grade book.

    I cannot tell you how much I’m enjoying myself. For as much as I miss my husband and my girls, I am going to dread going home. I’m not ready for this weekend to end. I’m so glad we could make this happen.

  2. I envy you meeting mrschili, we have nascent plans to try to visit this summer. I haven’t told her, but I intend to offer her and her family a sojourn on Cape Cod.

  3. I had hoped for better, but I’ve found Market Street to be consistently mediocre.

  4. Not the place in Providence; this is Main Street Cafe on Main Street in Madison. It’s in the old jail.

    Yeah, we went to Market Street once. It was ok.

  5. The problem with Market Street is it is a frozen box place. Nothing is fresh. It all tastes as if it came from a vendor’s giant pile o freezer boxes.

    Main street is local cooking. Since they only serve lunch they can focus a lot of effort on that one meal. I always find something new and tasty there.

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