Feb 232008

My MySpace withdrawal didn’t take.  So I’m back (for good).  Some reasons:

  • However it came to be the case, there are a few folks—including one close friend of 20+ years—with whom I’m not going to be able to satisfactorily keep up unless I’m on MySpace.
  • Traffic to this blog from MySpace was non-negligible when I had a page out there.  I want that back.
  • It’s fun.  All right, I admitted it.  Get off my ass.

Link earlier in this post, as well as to the right.

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  6 Responses to “WmWms at MySpace (again)”

  1. I have a FaceBook page – I think. I don’t understand how those things work, anyway…

  2. MySpace? MYSPACE??? Oh, that’s so 2006. Facebook is where it’s at. Do what I do. Have an account on both sites, look cool, and hardly ever log into either of them anymore. It’s all about keeping up appearances.

  3. Yeah, you know, I’m not cool. I’m gaining serenity with that fact.

    BTW, you haven’t answered my friend request yet.

  4. Nah. Second life. I’m putting on my racoon tail, now.

  5. Gee…just wondering about that 20+ year friendship….could that little person be ME? If so, then you are right…and I am honored.

  6. It’s you!

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