Feb 272008

We lost a great thinker, author, and American hero today.

So many will say so much more, and so much better, than I ever could, so I’ll keep it short.  He stood athwart history yelling “Stop!”, apparently until his last breath, given that he died in his study.

I admire his nearly unbelievable list of accomplishments.  I hold many of the views he held.

I am most in awe of his writing and speaking abilities.  I believe that this morning, we lost the single greatest user of the English language of the past century, and one of the most comprehensive masters of it of all time.  It is simply not possible to command a language any more capably.

I’m thankful that so much of his work remains for me to explore.

Thank you, Mr. Buckley.  RIP.

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  6 Responses to “William F. Buckley Jr. dead at 82”

  1. Bit of a racist gay-baiter, too. His conservatism overwhelmed his intellect, in my opinion.

  2. “racist gay-baiter” was too strong. He said some things he probably should not have. He was in favor of tatooing those suffering from AIDS. How being ill requires the mark of Cain is beyond me.

    I stand by his conservatism overwhelming his intellect, but I will admit he had intellect to burn.

  3. All kinds of people said all kinds of things at the beginning of the AIDS crisis that are now clearly wrong, born of uncertainty and ignorance.

    Identifying Buckley by that is as ridiculous as identifying Robert Byrd as a member of the KKK.

  4. I know I overstate my case sometimes, and I suppose even a member of the KKK can have an epiphany and realize he was wrong about certain issues. I don’t know if Mr. Buckley ever receded from his notions about AIDS victims, he probably did.

    I certainly wouldn’t want to be haunted my whole life about stupid things I uttered at one time or another.

    So, please don’t think I’m as obnoxious as I sound sometimes.

  5. I’m here to stick up for Gerry (even though he neither needs nor asked for my help). He’s a good guy, Bo, and he’s got a lot of important things to add to conversations; sometimes his “cranky old man” overwhelms his insightfulness… *grin*

  6. Hey, I’m on a collision course with “cranky old man”-ness myself. It’s cool. It was always cool. Peace, love, happiness, and a shot of Crown for everyone.

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