Feb 082008

OK, it’s not really a man-crush.  You know, I guess.  Hell, maybe it is.  Maybe I should call it a “bro-mance.”  I heard someone way cooler than I am use that term once.  Perhaps this is how one feels.  And I’m secure enough to call it that.

Yeah.  So.

Corry Lee Smith and I were hsv.general denizens for years.  He’s got a strong libertarian streak, and he brings biting humor cut with occasional obscure pop culture references to the table.  Also, he’s a talented photographer, an ardent college football fan, and a radio communications enthusiast.

That I’m a fan is hardly surprising.

I am acquainted with a great many neat people, and I read more than a few folks daily.  But Corry is one of the only people who regularly makes me think “I wish I’d written that.”  The guy’s got a way.

And now he’s blogging again.  His site is here, and What does a yellow light mean? is here.  Check him out.  Blogroll him.  Send him money.  The net needs him.

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  2 Responses to “My Unclaimed Mysteries man-crush”

  1. Great! JUST what I need – ANOTHER blog to read! I’m tellin’ ya – something’s gotta give. Maybe I should quit my job; it’s interfering with my reading…

  2. Thank you for the kind remarks. I can’t crank these posts out as fast as the rest of you’uns. However, I’m still very happy because I just saved a lot of money on chest hair insurance by reading your blog.

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