Jan 302008

Kids are messy, and we have kids—so no complaint about the nature of reality here—but what the hell are they even doing to cause such?

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  4 Responses to “This is more than seven feet from the sink”

  1. Ask my mom about the mashed potatoes she discovered on the ceiling after we moved out.

  2. What is that? Toothpaste? On the tub? Pal, if that’s the best ya got, you’re gonna have to work harder to impress me. When you find a tootpaste smear in the REFRIGERATOR, get back to me….

  3. Be thankful it’s just toothpaste and not a potty time accident.

  4. Jeremy, I’m a little surprised you would use so tame a term as “potty time.” But yes, we’ve certainly had plenty of those too. Babies are incredibly disgusting.

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