Jan 212008

Feeling green enough these days? No?

How about a floor made of dirt in your next home?

How about one made of cow shit?

Screw hardwood, linoleum, tile, or carpet. Do you really care about the earth, or are you a poseur?

In fact, why don’t you just go dig a hole somewhere and live there? Your house really is a tremendous waste of resources. Plus, I shudder to think at how much carbon dioxide it and associated activities produce.

Else how can you say you care about the earth?

Your hypocrisy disgusts me.

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  7 Responses to “That “environmentalist” bar is way over my head these days”

  1. Oh, GOD. Don’t even GO there with me! I’m SUCH a terrible person – I’m not organic (not even a little), I just had an addition built on my house (one that I heat with natural gas), I drive a straight-gas vehicle, and I drink (GASP!) DIET COKE! I recycle and all, but most enviornmentally-forward-thinking people would say I’m on the far side of the rainbow from “green.”

    That bar of which you speak? I can barely see it…

  2. What’s “environmentally unsound” about Diet Coke?

  3. it’s not that Diet Coke is unenvironmental, it’s that my organic friends give me no end of crap for my drinking it.

  4. We all need our poison.

  5. And if my friends aren’t “organic,” does that mean they are inorganic? And what does that say about me?

  6. Well, clearly they’re silicon-based.

  7. Clearly, you don’t have any “organic” friends. You’d know ’em if you saw ’em.

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