Jan 282008

Yeah, look, you’re going to have to stop doing that.  No, I don’t like it, and I never have.  No, that doesn’t count, because do you remember how many margaritas we had that night?  You shouldn’t assign any significance to any one thing I do in this, uh, context, and plus I’m pretty sure I remember what you’re talking about, and it was more of a grunt anyway.  Is there any ice cream left?

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  4 Responses to “No, that’s not comfortable”

  1. Huh? Are you still drunk from the chocolate martinis? Lightweight!

  2. Things happen. Tender moments. Whispered nothings. But if you can find your underwear the next morning, it doesn’t count.

  3. To answer the offline inquiry: no, it’s a woman talking. That’s obvious. A man’s not going to say “stop” in any sexual context unless he’s bleeding out.

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