Dec 202007

Being sick is such a pain in the ass.

Whatever I’ve got responds promptly and unambiguously to antibiotics (using throat pain as an indicator), else I’d think I had mono.  There is a baseline, moderate fatigue that is just damned inconvenient. It’s not hit-by-a-bus fatigue like with flu; it’s just enough to sap the spark from day-to-day living and turn everything into a chore.

At least it was a good day for DVDs. Kissology, Volume 3: 1992-2000 came, as did Blade Runner: The Ultimate Collector’s Edition (on HD-DVD):

That’s five discs of digital goodness in each package. I’m enjoying browsing the Kiss discs, but really, I can’t wait to go to bed. And hell, that’s not much of an attitude, is it?

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  2 Responses to “Rock me bluntly, rock me feebly…”

  1. UGH! I’m SO, SO sorry, Honey! This just sucks, and I wish there were something real I could do to help. Bleh.

    Mr. Chili is getting the new edition of Blade Runner for Christmas – a friend of ours is picking it up for him. I hope he enjoys it.

    The Kiss stuff we’d have no interest in. Sorry…

  2. Thankee kindly, sweetness. (hugs)

    I’m going to publish the Kiss post sometime between now and New Year’s. I say with no exaggeration that no bit of popular culture has meant more to me in my lifetime than Kiss.

    I hope to convey that gravity without delving into excessive bathos.

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