Dec 232007

Check out Hillary’s soul-warming holiday message. I’d swear this was a joke, but apparently it’s presented without the slightest incursion of a tongue into a cheek.

(You can see it below, or on her site here.)

Got the message? These are gifts to be bestowed upon you by your benevolent federal government. All we have to do is vote Hillary in.

Does that tell you a ton about how Hillary Clinton thinks, or what?

After all, everyone knows that Our Betters in Mommy Government excel at solving complex problems. And of course, no federal government program ever exists without substantial attention to quality of delivery, preservation of liberty, and cost efficiency.

Oh, and never mind that it’s your fucking money to start with.

Is this mentality winning? Is this now the prevailing view? Have we lost a critical mass of thought in this country that recognizes the U.S. Constitution as a document of limitation on government?

Because, you know, small government was the defining idea of the whole experiment?

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  4 Responses to “Happy Holidays from Hillary Clinton”

  1. I haven’t seen the ad on t.v. yet, but I saw a spot on it on CNN the other day along with all the other candidates’ “holiday greetings” – up to and including Huckabee’s “the birth of Christ” ad. That one ALONE is enough to make me not want to vote for the man. Christ has NO place in government. That just scares the crap out of me.

    Okay, help me work something out, wouldja? The other day, I was called for a political survey (it’s a condition of my residency. I can’t escape the damned polls). Anyway, we got to the questions about morals in my politics. “Would you be less likely to vote for someone who’s identified as deeply religious?” or something like that. My answer was “no, as long as that person can stick to his or her promise in the inauguration to uphold the Constitution. There is no religion in the Constitution.” or something like that. The next question was “would you be less likely to vote for a candidate who admitted to using illegal drugs in the past?” Nope, not really, as long as it’s really IN THE PAST. Finally, we got to the question of whether or not I would have any qualms about voting for someone who admitted to cheating on a spouse.

    ZING! That one got me. YES, actually, I WOULD have a problem with that. That seems incredibly hypocritical of me, though – if I’m okay with religion and, you know, DOPE, what is my hang-up about someone who admitted to cheating? Help me sort this out, because I can’t justify it in my own head – maybe YOU can figure out what the hell I’m thinking..

  2. I don’t know that I have a problem with your thinking, Mrs. Chili. Infidelity is a much bigger deal to me than drug use, religion, or just about anything else. As I’ve moved a bit of the way through adulthood, I’ve been surprised and saddened to discover how prevalent it is.

    I almost don’t care what people have to say about me after I’m gone, as long as they say that I did what I said I would do. Perhaps that’s why I find infidelity so offensive. To me, an unfaithful spouse is breaking the most important earthly promise s/he can make. My immediate response is “why make the promise to start with?”

  3. More often than not, the most obvious “victim” of using drugs is the person. It’s self-inflicted. But infidelity, that breaks the trust of and victimizes a very vulnerable individual. Promising to stay off drugs or keep religion out of your personal politics is a promise to the masses. There is no single inherent victim to take it personally. Infidelity is much worse, and our politicos seem very blase about it.

    I really bothers me that newsies make such a big deal over someone taking a few drugs in college, but completely ignore when a candidate has cheated. They use the excuse of “it’s their personal life” as a reason not to go there. EXACTLY! And if they treat the one person who is closest to them that way, how will they treat an oath of office any better???

  4. Seeing that add was just another reminder why I WOULD vote for Huckabee. Sorry Mrs. Chili, but I disagree. You cannot deny that if everybody followed the basic precepts of Christianity, the US (and probably the world) would be a better place. That statement is probably true of most religions, even Islam. I am not talking about the parts of those religions that have been twisted and defiled to suit a person’s needs. I am talking about the original “love they neighbor” parts.

    Why Huckabee? Three words: FAIR TAX PLAN! He supports it, I support it, and everyone who has read the book supports it.

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