Nov 192007

Frances Townsend, homeland security adviser to President Bush, is resigning her post effective early next year to take a job in the private sector.

Townsend is a self-made and accomplished professional, as well as a wife and mother of two.

Also, her multiple ear piercing is hot.

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  4 Responses to “Frances Townsend resigns”

  1. I’m not sure ANYONE who ever played ANY part in the Bush administration should EVER be allowed to work in the private sector – or anywhere else, for that matter. Haven’t they all done enough damage already?

  2. Oh – and by the way? I’ve got two earrings, too….

  3. Oh, now. Nobody in the Bush administration is any different from anyone in any other administration. There are some reasonably competent people, some sycophantic hangers-on, some Peter-Principle-embodied folks, &c.

    In any case, a return to the private sector can only be a good thing. Townsend really is an impressive, up-from-dirt story.

    I’m ambivalent to outright hostile toward many piercings on the female body, including those in the tongue, the navel, the eyebrow, the nipple, and the external genitalia. I see a subtle nose piercing once in a great while that I find somewhere between inoffensive and vaguely becoming.

    But I love multiple ear piercings. My favorite is two symmetrical “conventional” piercings in each ear, like this, with four or five more in one ear or the other. Super hot.

  4. […] goes the babealicious Frances Townsend’s description of the low-flying 747/F-16 “exercise” in lower Manhattan […]

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