Oct 302007

Check this out:

This is an Alabama Crimson Tide cocktail glass that belonged to my grandfather.  I have four or five of them.  I don’t drink from them often, but I make a point of it once in a while.  Look closely at this shot:

These glasses commemorate the 1961 national championship.  That’s 1961, as in Pat Trammell, as in Paul “Bear” Bryant’s first national championship team, as in the stingiest defense that ever played the game.  Alabama allowed 2.3 points per game that year, and shut out six teams:  Tulane, Mississippi State, Houston, Richmond, Georgia Tech, and Auburn.

I remember visiting with my dad once and gushing about the ’92 defense—a damned stout unit itself.  It looked like there were 15 guys on every play, so quick and intuitive they were.  Dad just took a tug on his ‘Turkey and said “yeah, they were good, but they weren’t ’61 good.”

I miss my grandfather.  My biggest regret is that he didn’t live long enough for me to give him a good chess game, but a close second is that I missed the opportunity to talk football with him and pick his brain on his friendship with Coach Bryant.

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  7 Responses to “Roll Tide, Papaw”

  1. Great post! You’ll have to walk the hallway for inspiration more often…

  2. I have some glasses exactly like this and was wondering if they were really from 1961. I’m glad to find out they are and a some very interesting history to go along with it! Thanks for letting me eavesdrop on your blog. 🙂

  3. Welcome, Carissa! Glad to help, Roll Tide to you, and set a spell, if you’re so inclined.

  4. Its nice to find out about the 1961 chanpionship glasses i have a whole set and a set of the 1964 championship glasses.

  5. I have one of these glasses from my grandmother’s apartment when she moved to an assisted living facility, it’s ironic that you mention 1992 because i have a clock from that championship, and since that was their 12th for each number they put the last 2 digits in the year from 1925 all the way to 1992 as 12 with the full year, i’ll send you a pic of it if you want

  6. Nice post. I found one of these glasses at an antique mall for $4, and it’s a treasure. One sold on ebay for $49. I ran across a similar glass touting both the ’61 and ’64 championships and had to get it, too.

    My glasses mean much to me just because of my affinity for the Tide. With your family connection, yours are priceless.

    Roll Tide,


  7. OMG, those glasses are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! where can I get some please. ROLL TIDE! !!!!!!!

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