Sep 242007

“Can you believe this shit?!”

It was a beautiful November evening 14 years ago, and my sister Jenny was nearly yelling into the telephone about, ummm…what?

Ah yes; the game.  Earlier that day, LSU had ended Alabama’s unbeaten streak at 31 games.

“Well, sure,” I replied.  “Did you think we were never going to lose again?”

“No, but…”  Etc.

It’s been interesting to me how much of that incredulity at the idea of a loss translated to the Saban era after just three games.  “Why, who’s to stop us from being 8-0 going in to play LSU?”  Admittedly, I got excited too.  After picking Georgia as one of our losses before the season began, I was talking about a 10-point Alabama win last week.   I knew we had a thin defensive line.  I knew Mark Richt was practically invincible on the road.  I knew his quarterback was dangerous.  It didn’t matter.  Did you see that Arkansas finish?  We can do it!  We’re that team!

We’ve got a lot of that team in us—far more than I’ve seen in the past eight years or so—but even that team drops games from time to time.  Obviously I’d have rather won, but as losses go, it was fine.  We lost the way winners lose.  We didn’t give the game away with blunders, and we didn’t lack heart.  We just lost.  Happens sometimes.  Coach Bryant was at the Capstone for 25 years.  Know how many undefeated seasons he had?  How about three?

Ladies and gentlemen, we are not going to win the SEC this year.  But it will come.  We may flirt with it next year, and things ought to be rather sweet by ’09.  For now, let’s enjoy what we have:  a team that believes again.  We’re going to lose some more, but isn’t it nice to again have the confidence that our guys will bring their souls to the field, no matter what the ultimate result?

Things have sucked for a long while.  Let’s know and enjoy that they’re getting better.

Roll Tide to you.

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  6 Responses to “Saban’s Alabama loses”

  1. Even losing, it was still one heck of a game to watch, wasn’t it? Like you said, I would rather have won. We’ll get ’em next year, and I can’t remember the last time I really believed that when I said it. Roll Tide!

  2. I actually saw part of that game,and I was thinking of you, Bo. I didn’t know they’d lost – my attention got diverted to something else before the game ended – but I really like your attitude about losing.

    My alma mater doesn’t play football on t.v. Mr. Chili’s school – Syracuse – is sucking SO badly that they don’t bother to televise the games. We have to live vicariously through others’ college games. Go, ‘Bama!!

  3. Last weekend was Cal’s first trip to Bryant-Denny. It would’ve been sweet if we could’ve pulled it out, but they whipped us on both sides of the ball.

    Like you, I’m glad to see the guys playing with heart again. Now for the next level: playing with the heart of a champion. John Parker is still too inconsistent. DJ dropped a couple of balls with the game on the line. The defense needs to play with some pride.

    But hey, we’re already a gazillion times better off than under Shula. It’s morning in Alabama, remember?

    We’ll get there!

  4. Oh, but Syracuse did just fine this weekend, Mrs. Chili. They beat Louisville 38-35. Syracuse was a 37-point underdog.

    They’ve got to dump those godawful all-orange uniforms, though.

  5. Not about bama, though. We did get some interesting thoughts on what profundity means.

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